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Über Astra revealed with 264kW

2011-03-18 00:39

ASTRA’S ÜBER OPC?: Those 20-inch alloy wheels are not to all tastes. The Focus RS embarrassing performance most definitely is.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Opel
Model EDS Astra
Engine 1.6-litre turbo
Power 264kW
Torque 480Nm
Marl is rather nondescript town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It has a coal mine and some old buildings but also happens to produce the world’s fastest Opel Astra turbo.

Thanks to EDS, a Marl-based performance engineering concern, Opel acolytes the world over can finally enter the hot hatch debate on equal footing with Focus RS owners again.

In exchange for R100 000 EDS will transform your factory produced Astra 1.6 turbo into a hot hatch without rival.


Counting some of the most talented engine electronics technicians amongst its personnel, EDS engineers have spent the last few months immaculately mapping the 1.6-litre Opel four-cylinder engine’s peak operational parameters. What they found was a lot of latent power waiting to be extracted.

Satisfied that the original Opel block was robust enough to withstand a significant increase in stress EDS added a larger turbocharger and intercooler, more voluminous injectors and a custom-made exhaust system.

These mechanical hardware upgrades are balanced by appropriately calibrated software, harmonising boost and fuelling to the tune of 264kW and 480Nm.

Considering these outputs are effectively double what the series production Astra 1.6 turbo makes you would have to doff your petrolhead hat (or peaked cap) at what EDS has achieved. Plainly, 264kW from a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine is the stuff of madness.

What makes the EDS conversion truly appealing, though, is its single-mindedness at transforming the Astra into an authentic Focus RS rival.

Cognisant of the potential traction and torque-steer issues brought to bear by 480Nm channelling chaos through the front wheels, EDS simply went and copied Ford’s RS solution by replacing the standard Astra’s open differential with a Quaife limited-slip unit.

Wheels are upgraded from 18 to 20" with Pirelli P-Zero tyres and hide larger brakes with racing calipers.

All things considered, this EDS Astra upgrade is a properly executed evolution of everything the German brand’s OPC division is too timid to do.

If you want a really mal Astra turbo, Marl is the place to go.


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