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Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

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Tornado 750 craziest Cayenne yet

2009-04-23 09:16
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Gemballa 750 GTS
Engine 5l, V8 turbo
Power 552kW @ 6 400r/min
Torque 1 050Nm @ 3 200r/min
Transmission Six-speed auto
Zero To Hundred 4.3 seconds
Top Speed 300km/h
Tyres 335/25, 22-inch wheels
Should Porsche do a Cayenne Turbo RS? Uwe Gemballa thinks so, the Tornado 750 GTS is his take on it.

Gemballa, the Leonsburg based Porsche aftermarket specialist, has reduced the massive SUV’s kerb weight by 250kg, whilst simultaneously boosting power appreciably.

Pretty (not) mean looking

Dressed up with an extensive bodykit, which sees the front apron and rear skirt elongated by 60mm and 40mm respectively for increased downforce, the Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS cuts a forbidding presence.

Bodywork has been extensively interwoven with carbon-fibre, whilst the bonnet is now front hinged, allowing better access to the engine for tuning.

Air intakes are liberally cut into the bonnet, front spoiler and behind the front wheel-arches ensuring optimal cooling airflow to the engine and brake units, whilst guaranteeing the Tornado 750 GTS looks like no other Cayenne on earth.

The last third of car is simply mad. Air intakes fore and aft of the rear wheel arches, air ducts running out alongside the rear lights clusters (which feature Ferrari F355-like individual lights) and a very ornate rear spoiler. All this ensures the Tornado 750 GTS has more surface edges and detailing than a Stealth bomber jet.

Somehow the word subtle does not come to mind.

Huge power hike

Mechanically the car has been equipped with a coil-over suspension system (which drops median ride-height by 70mm) and brake diameters are up to 380mm at the rear and 420mm on the front axle.

Powering the Tornado 750 GTS is an enlarged version of Porsche’s direct-injection, turbocharged V8 engine.

Featuring 200cc of additional capacity, new headers, forged pistons and conrods, all fuelled by a recalibrated turbo and cooled by a 90% higher volume intercooler, Tornado 750 GTS musters 552kW of power, 148kW more than a standard Cayenne Turbo S...

Rotational force peaks at 1 050Nm (an increase of 300Nm over the factory car), which ensures a 0-100km/h sprint time of 4.3 seconds and 300km/h top speed.

Supercar fanatics might scoff at the performance numbers being rather disappointing considering the huge power hike and commensurate reduction in weight, yet the diminishing returns in terms of power increases and quicker sprint times in the sub-5-second acceleration bracket are notable, and a simple fact of physics.

The 250kg lower kerb weight will show off most of its benefits in terms of handling and deceleration.

Individual rear lights a huge improvement on standard Cayenne clusters. Quad exhausts indicate dynamic intent.

Crazy cabin

As over-the-top as the exterior styling treatment and engine modifications are, the Tornado 750 GTS interior embellishments are hardly an exercise in restraint either.

Nice flying-buttress centre console is new, so Toyota Auris owners will feel really at home in the Tornado 750 GTS cabin.

Most noticeable is the Toyota Auris-like raised centre console, which houses a data control system harmonically displaying acceleration, lateral-g and deceleration values.

Trimmed out in high quality leather, Alcantara, carbon-fibre and aluminium the cabin fuses seamlessly to replicate the exterior drama of what must rank as the most extreme Cayenne yet.


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