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Topless BMW 1 Series hacked

2008-05-13 08:19
BMW's 1 Series convertible may look like the ultimate in hairdresser's accessories, but have a look at what AC Schnitzer did to this one.

Tuned to be a high performance athlete, the Aachen-based tuners have transplanted muscles into all the right places.

The front skirt is more angular and runs into a taper, which combines with a sporty grille insert for a more sporty appearance.

At the rear, a skirt lip or insert on the M-packaged version for a more powerful look. Its chromed tailpipe in "racing" design is available on all models apart from the 135i.

But this convertible is a lot more than just show, it goes too.

Petrol and diesel models have been tweaked to deliver even more horsepower, and AC Schnitzer boasts propulsion up to a death-defying 320 km/h.

Thankfully, the suspension has been tweaked too, and offers the options of a complete sports suspension or a full-on height-adjustable racing suspension. Adding to this control is a three-spoke sports steering wheel from AC Schnitzer.

The final touch is an array of attractive 17-, 18- and 19-inch wheels designed to take you from twisty roads to the latest night spot in no time at all - with the top down, of course.


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