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Tommy's GT-R carbon-fibre fetish

2009-12-07 08:15

The Tommy Kaira GT-R’s carbon-fibre lip spoiler is sure to take a beating on challenging roads and within security estates.

Legendary Japanese tuner Tommy Kaira is preparing a neatly restyled version of the GT-R supercar for next year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.

If you are seriously into Japanese domestic performance car tuning the Tommy Kaira name will be familiar to you.
The company’s tuning portfolio is extensive, specialising in Nissan and Subaru products. It even built an in-house designed lightweight, mid-engined special (the ZZ) which put the fear of God into Lotus Elise owners during the late 1990s.

Looks pretty stock, bar for the extended rear wheelarches (which clash with the unmodified front ones) and quite a tasty carbon-fibre aft diffuser kit...

GT-R garnished with carbon (fibre)

For the Tokyo Auto Salon (scheduled for third weekend in January next year) Tommy Kaira is preparing the next chapter in its long-standing history fettling Nissan products.

After witnessing Nissan’s rather overpriced GT-R SpecV debut last week, fans can look forward a Tommy Kaira tuned GT-R, which adds some additional visual drama without (we hope) inflating the price too ridiculously.

The provisional renderings of Tommy Kaira’s GT-R package showcase a comprehensive aerodynamics detailing package finished in carbon-fibre. Individually tallied the styling trinkets add up to a speed bump weary lip spoiler, extended rear fenders, side skirts and a defined aft diffuser.

A regulation Japanese spec over-sized rear spoiler will also be bolted onto the Tokyo Auto Salon showcar for good measure…

Beyond the menacing styling treatment Tommy Kaira is upgrading the GT-R’s suspension with coil-over dampers at each wheel corner, which probably confuses the standard Bilstein adaptive damping no end...

At this stage the company is mum about any powertrain upgrade, but we’ll see what transpires in the week leading up to the Tommy Kaira GT-R’s debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon…


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