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Techart's ultimate Porsche

2006-11-16 13:49
Move over Gembella and give way to the real super-Porsche. After German tuner Gemballa showcased their model of the 911 Turbo, the competition has revealed their super version.

Techart have also tinkled under the bonnet to boost the already super engine. After immense tuning, the power has been increased to kick out an output of 433 kW, while torque is reached at 700 Nm.

While Gembella's Porsche reaches a top speed of 318km/h, this baby hits a top speed of no less than 339 km/h!

Techart's superior exhaust system contributes to some of the power and also maintains that beautiful sporty sound everyone loves to hear.

While the 911 Turbo has been powered up even more, it does not affect the pure comfort and luxury of the car. Owners will have the option of choosing either a 'normal' or 'sport ' character when driving. The German tuner also provides custom 19 and 20 inch wheels and the interior can be customised to the wishes of the customer.


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