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Switzer's 93 unleaded 527kW GT-R

2009-08-17 07:14
Looks deceptively stock. Everything but though. Sw

Looks deceptively stock. Everything but though. Switzer engine tuning kit boosts power from 357- to 527kW.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Nissan
Model Switzer P800
Power 527kW
Torque 807Nm
Nissan’s Skylines have always been the folly of power fiends, launching an aftermarket tuning industry obsession dedicated to boosting the fabled GT cars close to – and beyond – the magic imperial 1000hp mark.

Although the mother company has dropped the Skyline moniker for its latest GT car (the GT-R) this has hardly impeded tuners from chasing silly power numbers from the R35.

Stateside, Ohio tuning ace, Tym Switzer, has spent the last few months perfecting some tuning options for discerning GT-R owners who believe the drivetrain components in their cars are notably understressed with the GT-R's engine in stock tune.

They’re probably right too (concerning the 3.5l V6's understressed nature) and Tym Switzer is mighty keen to capitalise on any urge GT-R owners might have for more power…

Switzer's regulation aftermarket intercoolers are supersized - like only the Americans can...

Big power on pump gas

A crucial aim of Switzer’s tuning program for the GT-R was to generate a substantial increase in power output without having to resort to fuelling the engine on racing or high octane fuel – it had to drink 93 octane.

Engine dimensions remain unchanged and considering the exotic nature of the GT-R internals, Switzer’s technicians have focused most of their technical acumen on liberating the V6’s boost regimen.

Switzer shores up the stock Nissan fuel delivery system with larger injectors (still multipoint, as the GT-R is not direct injected) of its own design and the both turbochargers are suitably modified too.

Add in boost control, significantly revised ECU parameters, a custom exhausts system (with airflow initiated by Switzer’s custom turbo intakes) and high-pressure wastegate actuators and it all tallies up to 527kW.

If 527kW and 807Nm with pump fuel convenience does not take you fancy, Switzer offers a racing fuel compatible upgrade of the 800P, called the R850, which bumps power all the way to 625kW.

Thanks to the GT-R’s fully symmetrical intake and exhaust system design, gas flow exchange profiles are very smooth to start with, making the V6 engine a charm to work on.

Peruse the stock GT-R’s spec sheet and the numbers Switzer have run up on 93 octane fuel are hugely impressive – an improvement of 170kW to be exact. Rotational force peaks at 807Nm on the Switzer fettled GT-R, a notable increase of 219Nm.

With such formidable power and torque outputs, slow is not really on the performance menu for the Switzer 800P GT-R.

Without engaging the GT-R’s controversial launch control, Switzer’s P800 runs the classic US performance yardstick, the quarter-mile sprint, in 11.28 seconds - notching up a 0-100km/h time of 3.5 seconds on the way.

Not bad for a car on road tyres, running on premium unleaded, without any dual-clutch miracle launch control shenanigans…

Best part of the Switzer conversion is undoubtedly the radar detectors mounted in each of the two side-mirrors, surreptitiously keeping you abreast of any law enforcement up in the distance – pure class on behalf of Tym Switzer and his team.


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