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Startech Dodge: Devilish diesel

2007-04-17 09:35
Brabus, the German tuning firm specialising in Daimler-Chrysler products, has released a modified version of the Dodge Caliber produced by Startech, it's in-house Dodge specialist division.

Encapsulating both cosmetic and engineering modifications the Startech fettled Caliber is no mild, run of the mill aftermarket tuning package.

Exterior styling changes include a full aerodynamic bodykit augmented by typically oversized Monostar tire/wheel combinations in either 19- or 20-inches.

Beneath the radical styling the Startech Caliber benefits from a SD3 plug-and-play control module induced performance hike.

Fitment of the performance package can be undertaken by a local Jeep/Doge/Chrysler dealer within half and hour and hikes the standard common-rail turbodiesel engines power from 103 kW to 132 kW, with torque increasing from 310 Nm to 360 Nm.

Subsequently the Startech Caliber powers from 0-100 km/h in 8.6 seconds. Procession calibrated progressive rate springs lower the ride heights by 30 mm and keep all the newfound performance in a straight line.


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