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Senner Audi A1 rivals JCW Mini

2010-08-31 07:02
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Senner
Model A1
Engine 1.6TDi
Power 103kW
Torque 310Nm
Weight 1 040kg
Audi’s new A1 will start shipping to European dealers in mid-September.

Marketed to take on BMW’s Mini Cooper range, Ingolstadt’s latest offering promises to eventually offer scintillating performance too - in the form an RS division A1, due late in 2011.

Until the high-performance A1 derivative comes along next year, products from the German aftermarket tuning industry will have to suffice for those customers who need for Cooper S-rivalling performance.

The Senner solution

Ingelheim-based Senner tuning has showcased its A1 tuning package, just in time to entice those customers set to take delivery of their A1s in the next few weeks.

The Senner package majors on upgrades aimed at elevating the dynamic driving experience of the A1, instead of simply making it appear like a boy-racer’s conveyance.

Courtesy of a reprogrammed ECU unit and new stainless steel exhaust plumbing, the A1’s 1.6TDi engine gains 28 units of power to peak at 103kW, supported by a surge in torque, up from 250- to 310Nm.

Considering the A1’s low mass (1 040kg), the compression-ignition Senner car should produce effortless straight-line performance.

Beyond the increases in engine output the A1’s agility and handling dynamics are improved too.

The Senner package adds 18-inch Barracuda Voltex T6 alloys to each wheel corner, rolling Hankook S1 Evo tyres measuring 225/35.

Those Hankook tyres provide plenty of grip, yet Senner has shored up the A1’s handling even further by replacing the stock springs with KW coils.

As any chassis engineer knows, Klaus Wohlfarth’s company KW makes some of the best aftermarket coil-over suspension solution available. Subsequently, the KW suspended Senner A1s should easily track Mini Cooper JCWs at trackday events.

Beyond the power upgrades, newfangled wheel and tyre combination and trick KW coils, Senner’s left the A1’s styling quite stock. A signature electric blue spray job and some bi-xenon illumination (buoyed by LEDs) are the only discernable styling upgrades.

As a market placeholder until the RS-tuned A1 arrives, this Senner A1 makes quite a convincing case for itself. 


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