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Rieger Scirocco reborn

2008-11-28 08:34
Renowned for its widebody GTO Scirocco conversions of the 1980s, Rieger is back with a contemporary Scirocco based range of products.

The German tuning company will be presenting its latest Scirocco developments at the Essen motor show this weekend.

Though engines have been left untouched, there are a series of radical body kits and wheel combinations, all rendered even more menacing by some substantial suspension lowering kits.

Most noticeable is the deep front spoiler treatment, framed by triple horizontal slats in the corners, a design detail which unashamedly apes the Audi R8. Side skirts lead the eye to the rear styling treatment, which also features a radical bumper design, framed by twin double-exhausts.

Handling dynamics are improved by virtue of either 80mm or 90mm suspension drops, whilst three bespoke wheel option (either 20-inch 10-spoked ones with chrome finish, or 19-inch five-spoke items) improve both looks and stability. The bespoke mags are shod with 245/30 profile or 225/35 profile high-performance road tyres respectively.


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