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Really FAB Panamera not that good

2009-12-17 09:04
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Panamera
Engine 4.8l V8
Power 515kW
The Swiss. Orderly. Neutral. Deeply conservative and purveyors of excellent chocolate.

Now one of Switzerland’s aftermarket tuners has gone and made Porsche’s Panamera even uglier, thereby crediting Switzerland with the rather notorious reputation as home to the world’s most ungainly four-door coupe…

Fab - not...

FAB Design (no really, that’s the company’s registered name) has built a rather un-fabulous Panamera courtesy of the company’s outlandish Wide Bodykit.

The front styling bits have more angles than a higher-grade trigonometry problem...

Located in Mellinger, Switzerland, FAB Design’s team took time out from Skiing and other noble Swiss pursuits (like counting rich people’s money) to carve up a heap (or is that a roll?) of carbon-fibre into an unambiguously named ‘Wide Bodykit’ conversion for the Panamera.

Although it looks very much not of this world, the FAB Design styling kit is at least very comprehensive.

It sports new headlights (with individual beam clusters), liberally cut-out aero ducts aft of the front wheels and ahead of rears and a down-force agitating rear bootlid spoiler.

Side skirts, a new front spoiler (seated within the properly oversized new apron) and bonnet cut-outs add to the array of air-management devices.

Is it just us or does the FAB Design Widebody Kit's rear finishing look like the front of a second-generation TT left out in the sun?

Rear of the year?

The Wide Bodykit’s party piece though, is undoubtedly the radically redesigned rear – featuring a centrally grouped triple end exhaust system mounted within a rather ornate diffuser set-up.

FAB Designs says it will limit production of the Wide Bodykit to only 15 Panameras – keeping customer exclusivity sacrosanct.

Let’s just be diplomatic and say it’s a very unique looking styling exercise, boasting more surface irregularities than a slice of Swiss cheese…

Mechanically the FAB Design Wide Bodykit adds 22-inch wheels, ushers in a 20mm median ride height reduction, upgraded rotors and callipers to aid deceleration and a hefty power hike from the 4.8l V8 turbo – boosting power up to 515kW.

Admittedly there are elements of the FAB Design Panamera Wide Bodykit which are slightly appealing (the headlights and those vented wheelarch extensions).

As a whole though, it’s simply abhorrent.


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