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RWD GT3 boosted to 735kW

2010-01-26 07:32
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer 9ff
Model GT3
Engine 3.8l twin-turbo
Power 735kW
Zero To Hundred 2.9 sec
Top Speed 386km/h
There comes a time in each Porsche 911 GT3 owner’s life when one has to contemplate the notion of what a noble death would constitute behind the wheel.

GT3 owners are a peculiar bunch. They could have bought a 911 Turbo (with all wheel drive and more power), yet settled upon the GT3, finding its venomous rear-wheel drive addled handling idiosyncrasies and naturally aspirated flat-six power preferable.

To many outsiders this seems a strange, yet admirable, state of affairs.

There remains a problem with owning a GT3 - and it's two-fold.

Firstly, you need quite a bit of driving skill (and run-off area) to exploit its delicately balanced rear-wheel drive handling set-up. Secondly, there is always the gnawing doubt in your subconscious of having purposely settled for the less powerful high-performance model in Porsche's 911 product portfolio.

Bit of a conundrum then?

Fortunately, GT3 owners can always count on some outlandish aftermarket offering from Germany’s rather elaborate collection of Porsche tuning specialists.

Looks mellow, goes like a Le Mans racetrack refugee. Optional 19-inch centre-locked wheel available too.

More to Dortmund than football

Prominent amongst the smattering of genuinely skilled Porsche tuning specialists in Fatherland is 9ff.

This Dortmund-based specialist (you could probably class them as a low-volume manufacturer is you wish to be pedantic) has skilfully fettled some of the fastest 911 based cars the world has ever seen.

Hardly surprising then, to find 9ff solving (to an extent) the entire 911 GT3 ownership conundrum.

In one fell swoop, 9ff’s technicians can now provide a suicidal power upgrade for your GT3 – thereby opening up the opportunity for you to kill yourself with some notion of nobility.

Although a stock 911 GT3 is already adorned with a surfeit of aerodynamics aids, the 9ff GT3 kit adds a new front and rear bumper. The purpose of these new bumpers is to improve the cooling air stream feed into the engine bay, and create a low-pressure environment at each wheel corner (in the wheel wells) to ensure optimal cooling for the brakes.

Are all these airflow management precautions really necessary though? Well, factor in the 9ff GT3’s 386km/h top speed potential and you begin to see the logic of all that cool air rerouting…

New front bumper part of the $12 500 bodykit. Engine conversion so dear it's not even officially priced...

One thousand horses

Powering the GT3 up to such desperate speeds are two turbochargers which boost the 3.8l flat-six engine’s power output alarmingly. Seriously, we are talking Bugatti Veyron levels of urge here – 735kW in fact.

You can have a mellower (relatively speaking of course) 625kW version, or even an entry-level 551kW package, yet that would be defeating the entire purpose of the 9ff kit, wouldn’t it?

To ensure the 3.8l flat-six’s engine internals all stay together, 9ff has slotted in forged pistons and titanium con-rods.

Obviously there are question marks over the purity of this 9ff kit’s conception (if you turbocharge a GT3, it isn’t really a GT3 anymore, now is it?). Point is though, if you want a 700kW rear-wheel drive 911, this 9ff package is the business.

Just make sure your life insurance cover is pretty comprehensive when you take delivery…




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