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2009-08-31 07:32
ABT’s characteristic vertically stacked twin-dual

ABT’s characteristic vertically stacked twin-dual exhausts hint at this R8’s heightened performance potential.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Audi
Model R8
Engine 5.2 V10
Power 441kW @ 8 000r/min
Torque 550Nm @ 6 400-7 000r/min
Zero To Hundred 3.8 sec
Top Speed 322km/h
Audi’s R8, especially in V10 trim, is a near perfectly resolved supercar. Right?

No, not really. Especially if you live in Germany, a country obsessed with making factory perfect supercars go faster, for no apparent reason other than proving it's possible.

German aftermarket tuners are never quite content with the performance of cars their domestic manufacturers bring to market.

The latest consequence of this peculiar power seeking market introspection? Well, meet ABT’s R8 V10.

ABT can do it better?

The handiwork of Hans-Juergen Abt’s technical team, this is an Audi supercar which should fully tax the company’s fabled quattro all-wheel drive traction security.

From his Kempten base, Hans-Juergen Abt’s team has only slightly enhanced the R8’s styling, leaving much of the standard look in place – which is good, as the car’s original shape is near perfect.

The only styling embellishments you’ll notice are a new front grille, remoulding skirting all-round and a redesigned rear wing.

One could perhaps make an argument for the aerodynamic necessity of such modifications, yet with the stock R8’s meticulously researched air-flow design fluidity, the styling trinkets are primarily there to justify price.

Rolling strikingly simple five-spoke, 20-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, the ABT R8 V10 cuts a forbidding presence – and so it should, if you consider the performance potential available.

Liberating additional power from the 386kW V10 engine was left to ABT’s DTM motorsport specialists, and true to form, they did not let the ABT team down.

Featuring high-flow catalytic converters, a performance exhaust system and significantly recalibrated Bosch 9.1 engine management electronics, ABT has managed to up peak power from 386- to 441kW.

Performance gains are negligible when measured in traditional terms.

Even with 55kW of extra power only a tenth of a second is shaved off the 0-100km/h time (ABT’s R8 clocks in at 3.8 seconds), whilst top speed gains only 7km/h to 322km/h.

Driveability though, is sure to benefit from those 55 extra kWs, not to mention acoustics, thanks to the vertically stacked quad-exhausts.

ABT's R8 V10. On paper, a rather silly way to gain very little additional pace.

As a portfolio broadening exercise, it makes perfect sense for one of the best Audi tuners around.


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