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Panamera set for 478kW 9ff mod

2009-08-24 07:54
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer 9ff
Model Panamera PT-65
Engine 4.8l, turbocharged V8
Power 478kW
Torque 850Nm
After Gemballa showed off its pending Panamera mods last week, 9ff has countered with renderings of its own.

Sure to be become the darling of the German aftermarket tuning industry in the coming months, Porsche’s Panamera is set for a comprehensive power boost and aesthetic upgrade courtesy of Dortmund based tuner, 9ff.

Changes to the Panamera’s bodywork are the usual tuning fare – new bumpers front and rear, with some aerodynamic embellishments.

Up front the new bumper is underlined with a chin spoiler and features a much larger intake area and cleaner lines than the Panamera’s stock item.

Around the rear, redesigned quad-exhausts take pride of place in the 9ff moulded bumper unit. A larger diffuser, which 9ff claims will be aerodynamically verified on production cars, frames the lower half of the new rear bumper.

Although Panamera's interior architecture and cabin design is amongst the best around, 9ff promises will have a practically infinite range of trim and colour upgrades to choose from for the four-seater Porsche supercar's interior environment.

Significant power upgrades...

Beyond the styling updates, 9ff has announced power hikes for Panamera too, available in three levels of trim.

Buoyed by additional cooling and optimised airflow, courtesy of a resurfaced bonnet (featuring rather cheapish looking air-intakes), 9ff has been able to free up the engine's air-intake and gas-exchange regime.

After fiddling with the Porsche ECU unit, binning the stock air filters for performance ones and replacing the catalytic converters with high-flow units, 9ff promises its Panameras will be significantly quicker than the factory cars.

The net result, 9ff claims, are power outputs of 404- and 441kW for the turbocharged 4.8l V8 engine. These power upgrades are designated as tuning options PT-55 and PT-60 respectively, indicative of their imperial power outputs.

With the Panamera’s 4.8l V8 fed by turbochargers of 9ff’s own design in PT-65 trim, power boosts alarmingly from 368- to 478kW, with rotational force peaking 150Nm higher at 850Nm.

For acoustic signature, 9ff says a performance exhaust system too will be fitted to all modified Panameras too...

Although 9ff only has an impressive specification sheet and some renderings to show for the moment, we think they could have something tangible on offer when the Frankfurt motor show opens in less than a month’s time…


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