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Novitec supercharges Scuderia 16M

2009-03-31 07:16
When the Germans and Italians get together it’s us

When the Germans and Italians get together it’s usually the preamble to some seriously fascist politics, or ridiculous automotive performance. This is Novitec’s Scuderia 16M, with a 519kW, supercharged V8. May be yellow, but very far from mellow.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ferrari
Model Novitec 16M
Engine 4.3L, V8
Power 519kW
Zero To Hundred 3.5 seconds
Top Speed 348km/h
When Ferrari announced its limited edition F430 Scuderia Spider 16M at the end of last year, you’d hardly have thought it was a performance underachiever. Think again.

Boasting a 380kW V8 and 80kg less mass than a standard F430 Spider, the Scuderia 16M is allegedly the fastest open-topped car ever tested on Ferrari’s Fiorano test track.

They’re only building 499 16Ms too, commemorating Ferrari’s F1 constructors championship win last year. Pretty good then? Indeed, unless you’re German Ferrari tuning specialist, Novitec.

Novitec, and this could only happen in Germany’s rarefied aftermarket tuning industry, believes Ferrari leaves a lot of scope for improved performance in its production road cars. Really?

Twin-supercharging would have Enzo turning in his grave, adds 140kW of power though.

Dual boost for V8

Although supercharging is an affront to Maranello’s engine designers, Novitec has scant regard for Ferrari’s heritage, and has dutifully boosted the Scuderia 16M with dual belt-driven superchargers.

Running at 0.48 bar of boost, breathing through a redesigned intake manifold and high performance air filters, whilst being fuelled by a set of eight larger injectors, a reprogrammed ECU unit ensures convergence between all these modifications. Unsurprisingly power figures go off the scale, with the 4.3l V8 producing an unspeakable 519kW.

Considering the additional engine bay heat generated by the dual supercharges, the F430 Scuderia is fitted with a higher capacity water and oil coolers and an additional coolant for the superchargers.

Supercharged, super fast

Though images of the 16M conversion have been leaked, Novitec is yet to release exact performance figures. We can gauge the tuned Spider 16M’s performance potential from its F430 Scuderia hardtop twin, also supercharged by Novitec.

Factoring in the Novitec F430 Scuderia times, the tuned Spider 16M is expected to run from 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds, pass 200 km/h from a standing start in 10.1 seconds and then, the statistic to end all acceleration run statistics, 0-300km/h in 26.1 seconds.

Find a sufficient stretch of autobahn, and the tuned 16M Spider should run up to 348 km/h.

Styling changes are kept to the minimum (fortuitously, considering the Scuderia’s redoubtable exterior design) with only smoked taillights and the custom painted NF3 wheels distinguishing the Novitec 16M from Ferrari’s production version.


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