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Nouvertne Edition GTI has 455Nm

2009-12-08 08:22

Even the new stainless steel exhausts look stock. Don't let the underwhelming styling fool you though. This thing has more torque than an Audi R8.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Volkswagen
Engine 2l TSI
Power 284kW
Torque 455Nm
Top Speed 267km/h
North Rhine-Westphalia is hardly the trendiest part of Germany.

Bordering both Belgium and the Netherlands, and too far away from Stuttgart and Munich, it’s hardly the region of first resort if you’re after automotive adrenaline.

Or perhaps not…

Renowned German aftermarket tuning concern Wimmer RS, headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalia’s second largest city, Solingen, has been fiddling with VW’s Golf6 GTI for a good few months now.

The results are quite sufficient – if your requirements are S3 and Focus RS baiting.

For all other applications (going to the shops or commuting to work) the Wimmer RS Nouvertne Edition GTI is pure overkill…

Normal looks, abnormal execution

Unusually, for a German aftermarket fettled car, Wimmer’s Nouvertne Edition looks decidedly underwhelming, with the only exterior styling trinkets being a choice of alloy wheels in sizes 18-, 19- or 20-inches.

The company’s display car is finished in what will undoubtedly prove the most popular option – a set of Motec Antares 20-inch alloys, shod with 235/30Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tyres.

If your visual sense of scale is exceptionally keen you might notice the Wimmer GTI’s recalibrated stance, depending on which setting the HR coilover dampers have been dialled in at each of the Nouvertne Edition's wheel corners.

The Wimmer GTI’s allure is not in terms of styling or a set of ornately silly wheels. Instead, it’s all about rampant liberalisation of the 2l TSI engine’s boost, fuelling and gas-exchange regime ushering in a significant increase in power.

Factory Golf 6 GTI brakes look a little dwarfed behind the 20-inch alloys. With 455Nm worth of shove, they are taxed to the max.

Calling all those hibernating kilowatts

Golf 6 GTI’s VW Group-sourced 2l TSI produces 155kW in stock form – obviously there is room improvement. Due to a raft of modifications by Wimmer, the Nouvertne Edition boasts a rather alarming 129kW boost in power.

Effecting such a radical increase in engine power output, the consequence of Wimmer’s Nouvertne Edition tuning kit begs two fundamental questions. Firstly, just how mellow is the 2l TSI engine in Golf6 GTI ex-factory? And secondly, what tuning sophistry has Wimmer applied to extract such vast reserves of additional power?

Well, what Wimmer has done is not in essence too radical. They have not increased swept capacity for instance, optioning instead to shore up the engine's entire induction system with an optimised turbo loader and new intake manifold.

Emission requirements are serviced by less restricted high-flow catalytic converters, whilst a modified fuel pump, new valves and more voluminous injectors ensure great things happen around combustion time.

Considering the modified engine produces 284kW and 455Nm (not a typo) of peak rotational force, it’s hardly surprising Wimmer slotted in strengthened conrods to keep the pistons from launching into orbit.

An intercooler keeps things, well, cool, whilst a recalibrated ECU unit harmonises all the modifications in operation.

Although Wimmer quotes a 267km/h top speed, acceleration figures for the Nouvertne Edition are coyly absent…

Still, with S3-humbling power, Wimmer’s Nouvertne Edition is one indecently rapid GTI, which goes to show - sometimes rather astounding things come from North Rhine-Westphalia.


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