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New 747 a Ferrari, not a Boeing?

2009-10-20 09:33
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ferrari
Model Edizione 747
Engine 4.3l supercharged V8
Power 549kW @ 8 500r/min
Torque 738Nm @ 6 300r/min
Zero To Hundred 3.4 seconds
Top Speed 351km/h
With Ferrari’s F430 range due for replacement soon by the 458 Italia, so German aftermarket tuning expert Novitec Rosso though they’d supercharge it as a parting gesture.

Wolfgang Hagedorn’s Stetten based tuning concern busy themselves with a rather responsible (some would argue reprehensible) task of liberating additional power from the world’s finest range of road going engines.

Turning up the power on Ferrari’s V8 and V12 engines are not the work of a moment though. Especially considering the phenomenal standard of engineering these motors espouse in stock form.

Matte Yellow is passable as a Ferrari colour. Grey contrast stripes though? We think not...

What Novitec Rosso generally does is a rather pragmatic approach to upping the power on Ferrari’s finest – by adding forced induction.

Now this, in itself, is a hugely controversial thing to. Ferrari, due to F1 regulations outlawing forced induction, completely eschews boosting engine power via turbo- or supercharging.

There was a time Ferrari pandered to forced induction principles, back in the late 1980s when turbo charging was all the rage in F1. Today though, Ferrari engines subscribe to the design school of high revving design purity as a means for maximum power extraction.

Novitec is hardly bothered by tradition though.

Two blowers are better than one...

Powertrain development engineer Michael Schneider was ordered to obtain an obscene power increase for the F430 before it went out of production and has dutifully followed through with a wicked supercharging kit.

Consisting of two belt-driven compressors with a peak boost pressure of 0.53 bar each, Schneider has ensured each cylinder bank is individually serviced optimally with all the fuel and air necessary to make some alarming power numbers.

Eight new high-flow injectors take their cue from a custom made intake manifold and are controlled by Novitec’s own ECU recalibration.

Power boosts alarming by 174kW to a new peak of 549kW at an engine speed of 8 500r/min, whilst rotational force now tests the transmission innards to the tune of 738Nm at 6 300r/min.

Two superchargers bolted onto probably the world's best naturally aspirated V8 - no, it's not slow. Maximum engine speed raises 200r/min too.

When you add significant strain to an already highly strung engine like the F430’s 4.3l V8 efficient cooling is of a paramount importance.

Novitec optioned on a dedicated intercooling system for the two superchargers, with a radiator located behind an air duct in the car's front apron.

Ambient engine cooling is buoyed by an underbody integrated air deflector. We can only wonder how this affects the Novitec F430’s stability as Ferrari’s cars are famed for their meticulously set-up flat underbody air management characteristics.

Performance numbers are simply monumental, 0-300km/h in 22.9 seconds and a top speed of 351km/h.

Yellow and grey Ferrari?

Aesthetically the Novitec F430 (official designation is Edizione 747, but honestly, who names a Ferrari after a Boeing?) follows the current matte paint craze with a yellow finish contrasted by grey (yes, grey) contrasting insets.

Rolling in the wheelarches are 20-inch (one inch larger than stock) alloy wheels which feature tri-spokes and are three-piece in design.

Grip parameters are the responsibility of Michelin Pilot Cup sport tyres, 245/30 in size on the front axle and 315/25 aft.

Novitec has not glossed over practically either, recognising the challenge of owning a low-riding supercar in urban areas.

Therefore the Novitec F430 (747) features a cabin actuated hydraulic lift kit on the front axle, enabling the dampers to initiate 40mm worth of lift when called upon to clear forbidding parking garage entrances or heinously oversized speed bumps.

Median ride height is lowered by 30mm thanks to a set of Novitec springs at each wheel corner.

Flat-bottomed carbon-fibre and Alcantara trimmed steering wheel is cool. Paddle shifters the size of Batman ears are less so.

Cabin embellishments centre on ergonomically enhancing the embarkation and driving experience of the F430, sorry, 747.

The flat-bottomed rim of a supersport edition steering wheel ensures easier entry and debussing (allegedly) of the Novitec F430 (done it again, it’s actually called 747).

Shift paddles are of Novitec’s own design – finished in carbon-fibre and appreciably longer, falling to hand (fingertip) easier when driving.

So, if you’re all emotional about F430 production wrapping up by December this year, perhaps a supercharged one from Novitec is the perfect way for you to get closure without therapy.

Besides, how many people can say they’ve just bought a new 747 without technically lying? Priceless…


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