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Mountune preempts Fiesta ST

2009-03-17 07:29
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ford
Model FIESTA 1.6 TITANIUM Mountune
Engine 1.6l, in-line four
Power 102kW @ 6 750r/min
Torque 170Nm @ 4 250r/min
Ford taking too long to bring Fiesta ST to market? No worries. UK based Mountune performance has a neat dynamic package available for the stylish hatch.

A subsidiary division of Revolve technologies (formerly Roush technologies, establish back in 1995) Mountune specialises in track and rally racing engine preparation.

Resolve technologies does extensive parts development and distribution work for Ford, so it’s hardly surprising to see the performance arm of the company involved in a consultancy capacity - providing dynamic road car solutions for the American auto giant.

16% power hike

Mountune’s performance upgrade for the Fiesta 1.6 Ti-VCT Zetec-S and Titanium models hinges on improved engine airflow efficiency, with internals being left untouched.

A reprogrammed engine control unit manages the freer breathing Mountune fettled motor, which benefits to the tune of 14kW and 18Nm.

New exhaust system is part of the modifications which hike power and shave off two seconds from the 0-100km/h sprint time.

The hike in engine power is thanks to a revised air-induction system flowing through a tubular manifold to the performance exhaust system. Environmentally certified, the Mountune conversion retains catalytic converters, albeit in high-flow trim.

Mountune spec cars produce 102kW at 6 750r/min and 170Nm at 4 250r/min, enough (according to Mountune) to shave a full two seconds from the 0-100km/h sprint time, allowing the Mountune cars to achieve figures in the low 8 second bracket.

Beyond the additional performance, Mountune has embellished the Fiesta exterior styling too. The side-splash graphics and coloured side mirrors might not be to everybody’s taste, but the wheel and tyre combination is quite fetching.

Available to UK customers only, the Mountune Fiesta package retails through selected Ford dealers at £1 299. It sports a 12-month/20 000km warrantee over and above the standard Fiesta warrantee too – which remains unaffected by the presence of the Mountune performance package.


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