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Panamera tricked as 'Moby Dick'

2011-01-21 07:04

KILLER WHALE: Rolling 22-inch two-piece alloys the Edo Competition Moby Dick brooks no argument about its performance intentions.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Panamera Moby Dick
Engine 4.8l twin-turbo V8
Power 551kW
Torque 900nM
Transmission Seven-speed PDK
Top Speed 340km/h
It may be one of the most technically accomplished German aftermarket tuners but Edo Competition has most definitely not lost its peculiar Westphalian brand of humour.

The company’s latest modification package applies to Porsche's hugely successful Panamera performance sedan and is called the – wait for it – Moby Dick.

Although it remains unclear what the link between this modified Panamera Turbo and Herman Melville’s classic chronicling the adventures of a rather embittered sperm whale is, the Edo Competition Moby Dick is anything but a joke when its technical details are unpacked.


Finished in white (instead of sperm-whale grey), the Moby Dick adds a raft of styling enhancements which also act as airflow stabilising upgrades.

Above the bonnet’s front shutline there’s a new contrasting black louvre section and the lower bumper section is backed by a new rectangular patterned large-gap grille.

Around the rump there is a larger diametered quad exhaust system, composite rear valance/diffuser and a subtle(ish) wing to round off those distinguishing features that set the Moby Dick apart from Porsche's series production Panamera Turbo.

What really makes the Moby Dick notable - well, beside its classic-literature nameplate – is the rather alarming level of additional power Edo Competition’s engineers have managed to extract from the direct-injection, 4.8-litre, twin-turbo V8.

At the company’s workshop in the German coal mining town of Ahlen, Edo Karabegovic’s team of technical experts, renowned for extraction obscene power figures by adding forced induction to all manner of exotics, have added a terrifying amount of shove to the Moby Dick.

Featuring a completely redesigned (less restrictive) exhaust system and optimised engine control unit harmonisation (allowing greater temperature, fuelling, emission and boost tolerances) Edo’s bumped the Panamera V8’s peak power by an alarming  183 units to 551kW.

Supporting the increase in power, torque swells to 900Nm and nobody - quite honestly - knows how the standard seven-speed dual-clutch transmission copes with distributing these forces to all four wheels.

Edo Competition believes the Moby Dick should be good for a benchmark 0-100km/h of just less than four seconds, which is slightly disappointing as the series production Panamera Turbo does it in just under four seconds too...

Top speed is electronically governed to 340km/h in the interest of operational tyre safety parameters.


Considering the level of performance visited upon the Panamera Turbo chassis by Edo Competition’s Moby Dick mods, the car has 22" rims shod with high-performance rubber to guarantee the required level of grip. Each corner, in addition to the factory-mounted active dampers, also gains an "on-demand" lifting and lowering module to make sure the Moby Dick doesn’t scrape its belly when accessing or leaving extreme gradient driveways or crossing sleeping policemen.

GREAT WHITE HOPE: The styling remains an acquired taste, but is this 551kW Panamera the most radical contemporary four-door performance package available? Probably…

True to its custom-car billing, Edo Competition can craft a virtually infinite array of trim textures and contrasts for the Moby Dick’s cabin.
The Rivera speedboat wooden-deck look in Edo’s media car is particularly fetching.

Two years in the making, enthusiasts have been waiting quite a while for Germany’s forced-induction aftermarket specialist to add some Panamea personalisation.

Most would argue that the 24-month development period has been a small sacrifice for the amount of power Edo Performance has managed to extract.

Although pricing is unconfirmed, if you’d like to own the most powerful Panamera available – and have a thing for 19th-century American literature – this Moby Dick is sure to guarantee you a whale of a time, whatever the price.

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