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Meet the king of GTIs

2006-11-09 17:19

Potent power for R GTI concept car

Almost thirty years ago Volkswagen launched the GTI, the hot hatch that would revolutionise the concept of affordable and accessible high-performance motoring. Now comes the R GTI.

However, the R GTI is still a concept and made its debut at the SEMA Motor Show in Las Vegas. According to VW this concept is a "look forward" into the future of compact car performance.

VW describes the R GTI as a "low-flying stealth machine. It features striking carbon-fibre body panels, a four-passenger sports car interior, powerful turbocharged engine and competition-bred suspension.

The R GTI evolved from the stunning R Concept cars that stole the show at SEMA in 2005, and the R badge connects to the Golf R32.

However, unlike those R concept vehicles from last year, which showcased the extremes of performance-tuned Volkswagens, the R GTI represents a more "streetable" concept.

Although the R GTI is a one-off and Volkswagen currently has no plan to put it into production, the dedicated enthusiast could gather many of the R GTI's elements for a personal project.

Under the bonnet of this hot concept is Volkswagen's 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

According to VW they have tuned this engine to thrust out 279kW if 93-octane petrol is used. However, with 100-octane racing fuel power output is 295kW.


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