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Massive 517kW for Audi RS6

2008-08-04 07:48
MTM’s RS6R. An estate with 517kW on tap. Practical

MTM’s RS6R. An estate with 517kW on tap. Practical performance insanity then.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer MTM
Model RS6R
Engine 5-litre, FSI, twin-turbo V10
Power 517kW @ 6 180t/min
Torque 785Nm
Transmission Six-speed tiptronic
Top Speed 310km/h
Tyres 285/30 Dunlop Sport Maxx GT
A former Audi engineer has unleashed the RS6’s latent potential- and then some...

Roland Mayer heads MTM tuning, located in rustic Wettstetten near Ingolstadt. The former Audi engineer, who was instrumental in developing the legendary five-cylinder engine which powered the original Quattro in the late 80s, still devotes much of his waking hours to ensure four-ringed products are pushing the performance envelope.

Beyond the sanity threshold

With his latest pet project, the RS6R, Mayer has applied his engine development experience to unleash the massive latent power potential of the 5-litre, turbocharged V10 engine.

In standard trim the RS6 is hardly lazy, with 426kW on tap. After some ECU wizardry by the MTM team though, you can have 517kW and 785Nm available.

Mayer will remove the speed governor too, ushering in a 310km/h top speed and subsequently ensuring all the family errands are done before the rugby starts, even if you are from Upington and do your Saturday morning shopping in Cape Town.

Ensuring your RS6R makes the requisite acoustic soundtrack to accompany its forbidding performance MTM offers a special performance exhaust system.

On the previous generation RS6, MTM offered an exhaust conversion with one pipe in each of the double exhausts containing a throttle valve – like an Aston Martin Vantage - to improve acoustics. We can only hope for a comparable system soon to be released for the RS6R.

‘Holistic’ conversion

With a 310km/h top speed and 0-100km/h sprint time well below four seconds, MTM ensure airflow management, braking and handling dynamics are suitably upgraded too.

Adding both aesthetic appeal and improving high-speed stability is the carbon-fibre diffuser rear diffuser and front spoiler lip.

Characteristic of a German aftermarket tuning concern MTM offers oversized, bespoke wheels with the RS6R conversion in the form of Diamond cut 21-inch, nine-spoke bimoto wheel shod with 285/30 Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tyres.

If you’re really after the extreme stance super-wagon look they offer a 20mm spacer kit per wheel too, although with South Africa’s forbidding rural kerbs, parking could become an expensive exercise.

Working in unison with the high-performance rubber in aiding declaration are new MTM 406mm front discs with Brembo 6-piston callipers which significantly boosts stopping power.

All MTM parts are German TÜV authority approved, which is as good an indication of quality aftermarket engineering as there is in the world.


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