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Mansory's supercharged 599 GTB

2008-03-17 07:58
With a strong middle-eastern heritage and a sense of texture and style, German based Kourosh Mansory is currently the world's pre-eminent top-flight exotic tuner - and he likes fiddling with Ferraris.

The rather oddly named Stallone is Mansory's interpretation of the latent potential which he believes lies ready to be unlocked aesthetically in the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano - the Italian automotive institution's flagship front-engined supercar.

Hardly one to placate purists, Mansory has set about significantly altering the purebred Italian supercar's exterior and interior styling, blending contemporary materials at places on the sheet metal that Pininfarina, the 599 GTB's original stylists, would hardly consider apt.

Carbon-fibre everywhere

The standard Fiorano already has its quota of carbon-fibre, yet the Stallone uplift-reducing aerodynamics just lashed it on further.

Special front air intakes provide ventilating airflow for the intercooler, while the flanks are equipped with Mansory side skirts which steady airflow between the front and rear axle weight points.

A redesigned rear with an integrated diffuser stabilises the rear axle - especially at the stratospheric speeds the Stallone is capable of - and provides the necessary extra down force which is key for counteracting the effects of a heavy 6-litre V12 nestled up front.

With all the aerodynamic aids finished in carbon-fibre the Stallone cuts a peculiarly contrasting look distinguishing from other Ferraris. The door-mirrors, rear-diffuser and centre-bonnet mounted air-intake being completely carbon-fibre might afflict purists, but the material save weight and aid stability.

Whistling V12

Upping the ante with so much visual drama would hardly be complete without a commensurate upgrade in power. Mansory has defied Ferrari tradition by supercharging the Stallone, and with additional intercooling and a sports air filter all synergised by an upgraded ECU control unit the resultant power hike is not insignificant.

In Mansory Stallone trim the 6-litre, supercharged V12 engine produces 537kW and 722Nm, settling the Stallone comfortably within the hypercar hierarchy.

Performance is epic with a top speed of 340km/h and a 0-100km/h sprint time of 3.7-seconds, all accompanied by the cacophony of a shrieking V12 being fed by a whistling supercharger.

Ensuring unflappable high-speed stability, the aerodynamic bodykit is assisted by 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels up front and 21-inchers at the rear.

Shod with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tires of 255/30mm and 325/30mm dimensions front and rear respectively, drivers can explore the upper reaches of the Stallone's performance potential without reserve. The Stallone also rides 30mm lower than the standard 599, further enhancing stability.

Bespoke interior

The unique grain of the unusual leather combined with the stylish ornamental seams and the exposed carbon appliqués convey both elegance and dynamic nature in the interior.

Manic red and white contrasting leather colours are not a work of tasteful understatement, yet it remains an exampled of master craftsmanship. Masterful handiwork, individual styling, and the highest quality is found wherever one chooses to look.

The pedals made of aluminium, the illuminated door entry strips and ergonomically redesigned sport steering wheel create additional optical highlights.

The lashings of carbon-fibre might irk Ferrari traditionalists no end, yet if you wish to cruise down the Nice beachfront or pull up at snowy St. Moritz with the requisite amount of presence, the Mansory Stallone is tailor made for you.


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