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Mansory's operatic 816kW Veyron

2009-07-24 10:58
Kourosh Mansory, the eccentric Iranian tuner of epic exotics and supercars, has given Bugatti’s Veyron 16.4 an operatic touch.

Mansory, operating from his fabrication base in Germany, has a stellar reputation for stylishly enhancing the world’s most expensive cars – specialising in Bentley and Aston Martin products.

Bugatti’s Veyron though, with its epic performance, was simply an irresistible target for Mansory’s talents.

Classic name, contemporary kitsch?

The car in question is a heavily stylised Veyron 16.4 called the Linea Vincerò.

If you are an opera buff, you’ll recognize the Vincerò  - loosely translated as ‘I will win’ – from the famous aria Nessun Dorma, performance with epic resonance by the late Pavarotti.

Back to the car, it will only be available in very limited numbers through Prestige Cars Abu Dhabi – and it obviously helps if you have a Veyron already.

Haters will say it’s criminal to fettle a car as purely engineered as Bugatti’s Veyron, dismissing Mansory’s Linea Vincerò as a ludicrously expensive bodykit. Perhaps they’re right?

Styling package is an acquired taste, as are those new turbine wheels...

Carbon-fibre everywhere?

The aerodynamic bits are all crafted from carbon-fibre (what else?) and liberally applied to the Veryon’s surfacing, heralding an oddly track biased look for a car which is primarily designed to speed in a straight line.

Viewed front-on those integrated LED lights appear rather out of place, yet the shortened bonnet (or front trunk lid if you wish) is horizontally framed by a new lower splitter, adding even more brooding overtaking presence to a car which owns the far right lane of any highway it speeds along.

The Linea Vincerò grille arrangement, a garish mesh modification featuring a stylised V-line, is a regressive step from the standard car’s vertically slat item.

Along the flanks new side skirts lead the eye to the bigger air intakes and new aft diffuser. Mansory says the new carbon-fibre diffuser is aerodynamically certified, yet how a small tuner improved on the airflow knowledge of a major corporation like VW is quite beyond us.

Interior embellishments include new ambience illumination and reconfigured seat geometry. Contrast coloured accents and decorative roof linings are added too, in dubious taste…

Mansory’s technical team has done the unthinkable and fiddled with the Veyron’s masterpiece of an engine, optimised air intakes and re-plumbing the exhaust system.

Power raises accordingly, from 746- to 816kW, with rotational force a touch stronger, up from 1 250- to 1 310Nm.

It all sounds rather underwhelming to us, yet if you are a Middle-Eastern billionaire yearning to differentiate your Veyron, and an avid opera follower to boot, who are we to argue?

Just don't expect your Linea Vincerò to have residuals in the stock Bugatti league...


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