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Mansory's Panamera parrot

2010-06-09 07:57
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Mansory 980
Engine 4.8l V8 twin turbo
Power 507kW
Torque 850Nm
Top Speed 328km/h
In the aftermarket tuning industry, more often than not, you encounter products which typify the idiom of there being "no accounting for taste". Mansory’s latest Panamera 980 conversion is a choice example.

When Iran-born Kourosh Mansory acquired Rinspeed’s Porsche tuning business two years ago it allowed the impeccable tuner (specialising in Bentley and Aston Martin) access to a resource pool for the world’s most popular range of performance cars – Porsche.

Due to the radical approach Mansory takes to resurfacing iconic cars in a way he sees fit, the company bearing his name has a portfolio of highly polarising products. For each elegantly tuned Bugatti Veyron there’s an ill-conceived Bentley or abominable carbon-fibre Cayenne.

When Mansory released renderings of its proposed Panamera modifications last October, one could never imagine things would go quite so awry.

Massive 22-inch wheels destroy the ride quality, styling adornments make the controversial Panamera even more contentious aesthetically.

Carbon disaster

Fundamentally the Mansory 980 is a carbon-fibre mismatch of epic proportions. The ornate carbon bodykit adds a new bonnet, redesigned skirts all-round, flared fenders, a (strangely) subtle rear wing and perhaps the most prevalent diffuser ever fitted to the rear of a four-door car.

Pay close attention to the Mansory 980’s rump and you’ll notice a significant reconfiguration of the exhaust plumbing too, with a storm water drainpipe diameter centre exhaust taking pride of place within the giant diffuser.

Access the Mansory 980’s cabin and things, almost unbelievably, get worse. Severe doses of psychiatric medication are the only possible way to both explain and tolerate the contrasting blue and yellow upholstery.

Just don't eat or drink anything in here, you might soil the upholstery...

At least it's fast

The latest Mansory Panamera conversion’s only saving grace is its savage performance. Courtesy of a liberalised engine management system, larger turbos and a custom stainless steel exhaust system, power is boosted from 368- to a space shuttle specification 507kW. Accordingly peak rotational force swells to 850Nm.

With special Dunlop rubber (265/30ZR22 up front, 295/25ZR22 rear) providing traction security Mansory claims the modified Panamera runs a top speed of 328km/h.

It may be assembled in Switzerland, but the Mansory Panamera is sure to leave even the most neutral observers aghast. Remember what colour you get when blending blue and yellow? Let’s just say it will make you feel green – and not with envy.

Don't for a moment think all this madness comes cheaply either. To get your Panamera Turbo embellished with all the Mansory madness is a £200 000 investment.

Is this Mansory Panamera the worst modified Porsche ever? Agree or disagree here...


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