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Mansory has a poke at the trident

2010-09-13 07:38

We don’t like the LEDs (which are a safety requirement, unfortunately), but the carbon-fibre grille and lightweight bonnet (featuring additional cooling cut-outs) work quite well.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Maserati
Model Mansory GT
Engine 4.7l V8
Power 344kW
Torque 530Nm
Maserati’s GranTurismo may not be the fastest front-engined V8 sports car around, yet it remains one of the most desirable.

Despite the striking styling and competition V8 acoustic signature, German tuner Mansory believed the GranTurismo had some latent dynamic and visual appeal waiting to be extracted.

The result is Mansory’s take on what the trident badge should represent in two-door form.

Tapping into the trident's appeal

Although Mansory is notorious for its outrageous (and at times tasteless) aftermarket conversions, the company’s stylists have kept the GranTurismo upgrades well harmonised to avoid depreciating the series car’s design appeal.

Mansory’s GranTurismo body kit does not disrupt the GranTurismo's fluid Maserati lines.

The composite detailing upgrades tally a new spoiler combination (front and rear), door sills and carbon-fibre framing for the characteristic concave GranTurismo grille. These carbon-fibre styling embellishments contrast rather neatly with the Mansory GranTurismo’s red surfacing, extending to its 10-spoked, 20-" forged alloys - each with a Maserati motif on the rim diameter frame.

Dynamically, the Mansory GranTurismo gains new shock-absorbers at each wheel, reducing the car’s median ride height by 30mm, which in turn improves agility and high-speed stability.

Providing the requisite urge to exploit the Mansory GranTurismo’s livelier chassis is an optimised engine control unit harmonising a less restrictive air-filtration system with performance exhaust plumbing.

Mansory claims its engine modifications edge up outputs of both the GT and GTS specification 4.7-litre V8s by 22kW and 40Nm compared to the factory cars.

Consequently, with the headline GTS, there should be 344kW and 530Nm at your command accompanied by one of the most pressing V8 exhaust notes around.

Considering some of the abysmal things Mansory has done to Bentley, Aston Martin and Porsche’s finest in the name of aftermarket personalisation, this debut take on Maserati’s GranTurismo shows some welcome restraint – and is all the better for it.


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