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Manic Maserati MC12

2008-05-29 10:05
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Maserati
Model MC12
Engine 5-litre V12
Power 514kW @ 8 200r/min
Torque 715Nm @ 5 800r/min
Transmission 6-speed Paddle Shift
Zero To Hundred 3.5 seconds
Top Speed 370 km/h

One of the 50 fortunate owners of Maserati's Enzo based MC12 supercar? Want to make it even more exclusive? Edo competition the solution for you.

The controversial MC12, which completed a very limited two year production from 2003 through 2004, and produced a residual guaranteeing 50 units, has been criticised for being too large and twitchy compared to its Ferrari cousin, the nimble, redoubtable Enzo.

A tad impractical?

Although both cars use a similar monocoque carbon-fibre chassis the more elaborate 'Le Mans' endurance racer styling of the MC12 heralded a car which was nearly half a metre longer than the Enzo. Sharing the Ferrari's lack of a rear window makes parking a MC12 nearly impossible too.

Despite its track biased, nervous chassis responses and imposing proportions, the MC12 evoked the emotive Maserati racing heritage to a tee, especially as all models were finished in traditional blue and white racing livery.

German tuner Edo competition rate they can tweak the MC12 to render an even more responsive drive though, quite a lofty claim.

Powered up

By making the MC12 lighter and more powerful the Edo conversion takes performance from the supercar realm to one of plainly stupefying figures. The Ferrari Enzo sourced 6-litre, dry-sump V12 is boosted by nearly 50kW to a new power peak of 514kW.

The additional power is liberated by improving breathing, with exhaust headers closely modelled on the Ferrari FXX, a high-flow catalytic converter, heavily modified intake manifold and recalibrated ECU. Although it irks many purists, the V12 exhaust note can be customised via remote control manipulation of butterfly valves present the stainless steel muffler unit.

Rolling on a bespoke set of Michelin tyres measuring 265/35 ZR 19 up front and 335/30 ZR 20 at the rear, grip for savage acceleration runs are in abundance.

Driving the rear wheels through a revised light-weight competition clutch, actuating the six-speed paddle shift transmission's ratios in record time, performance figures are unsurprisingly startling.

Trimmed down

Top speed is 370km/h, yet perhaps more impressive is the 0-300km/h acceleration run of only 22 seconds. With a weight reduction of 100kg - bringing down kerb weight to a lithe 1235kg - aerodynamic and suspension wizardry are key to ensuring tracking stability at the upper end of the MC12 Edo's substantial performance envelope.

To this end it features sport suspension with adjustable compression and rebound damping similar to that found on the FIA GT MC12. Nose lift functionality is retained too and the new Edo sourced rear wing is adjustable.

In a move sure to be considered an affront to the spirit in which the MC12 was produced, Edo will spray it any colour and pattern you like, and you know what they say about there being no accounting for taste.


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