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Mad 520Nm diesel-powered VW Eos

2007-08-20 08:36
Can you have a super stylish yet contemporary diesel convertible? Well, Carlos Correia from X-Dream-Car-Audio in Germany certainly thinks so.

Correia has forged a unique reputation in the extraordinarily competitive German tuning market for his ability to synergise contemporary multimedia technology with traditional aftermarket styling and performance enhancements.

His Sunshine Eos has five video sources, 1 400 Watts of Alpine's finest audio, three monitors and two iPods. Think of Correia as the ultimate IT-department petrol head.

Correia set about transforming a Volkswagen Eos, which may carry the rather harmless name 'Sunshine Eos', but with a severely modified 2.0-litre turbodiesel powerplant, it is no show pony.

Producing 182 kW of power and a planet-wobble inducing 520 Nm of torque; this diesel has serious performance credentials.

Ensuring all the power pulls in a similar direction most of the time are 235/35 profile tyres up front and 265/30s at the rear, both sets riding on exclusively cast 19-inch Nemesis wheels by AEZ.

Masquerading behind these bespoke rims are massive 342 mm disc brakes, providing epic stopping power.

Ensuring the requisite low-riding appearance is an Eibach Pro Street S suspension set-up which lowers ride height and accommodates the extra weight burden of Correia's multimedia installation.

From 31 August to 2 September, the Sunshine Eos will be competing with 50 other finalists at the Pirelli Tuning Awards - one of the most prestigious aftermarket tuning competitions.


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