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MTM's epic RS6 Clubsport

2010-05-27 07:32

Admittedly the orange and check colour scheme is in dubious taste. Very little to question concerning the performance though, especially with 537kW on tap.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer MTM
Model RS6 Clubsport
Engine 5l Bi-turbo V10
Power 537kW
Torque 860Nm
Transmission Six-speed auto
Zero To Hundred 3.6 sec
Top Speed 350km/h
Weight 1 935kg
Each year the world’s greatest tuning companies (curiously they’re all from Germany) gather at the Nardo high speed oval in Italy to see just who has the fastest car around.

At last year’s event MTM’s RS6 R estate ran a rather outrageous 344.2km/h top speed which, one would assume, would be quick enough for even the most demented speed fetishist.

Unfortunately MTM boss and former Audi drivetrain engineer Roland Mayer is a demanding man and was not completely satisfied with the RS6 R’s performance.

Three-five-zero, the Holy Grail

Mayer’s goal is to best 350km/h with an Audi RS6 product and to ensure this is achieved, the MTM team has released a new Clubsport conversion for the RS6.

Now, when you think "club sport" the Porsche brand’s last four-cylinder car, the 968, comes to mind. To the uninitiated the 968 CS was as a simplified, entry level 968 coupe – for petrolheads the world over, it remains one of the tidiest cars of any era from a dynamics perspective.

Applying the club sport idea to Audi’s RS6 sees MTM’s technicians boost power and trim weight.

Huge 21-inch alloys roll Michelin high-performance rubber. Roll-cage puts a different spine on the RS6 hooligan sedan theme.

Low drag styling, rather loud

Aesthetically the RS6 Clubsport benefits from a rather lurid colour and graphic finish that do much to mask the actual detail surfacing changes, which are minimal. A carbon-fibre aft diffuser and front carbon splitter ensure optimal airflow management in aid of stability.

The RS6 Clubsport, due in some part to its intended minimalist nature, mercifully does without most of the regulation German aftermarket speed shop trinkets.

If you think the RS6 Clubsport’s high performance billing is automotive pseudoscience, the cabin trimmings are sure to dispel any misgivings concerning MTM’s intent with this conversion. The rear bench seat has been binned, roof trim supplanted by a roll cage and up front sit-two special Recaro bucket seats with six-point harnesses.

Despite the Clubsport moniker MTM’s RS6 is not that much lighter than the standard car, only managing to melt away a scant 50kg…

Black, orange and white colour scheme perhaps a touch too elaborate.

Dynamic detailing

If you can bring yourself to ignore the exterior check pattern and orange contrast surfacing, you’ll notice the RS6 Clubsport cues all the requisite details for a vehicle aiming to broach 350km/h.

Look behind the wheels (21-inch BIMOTO alloys rolling Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s) and you’ll notice 405mm rotors serviced by monoblock calipers featuring a six-piston bite. If you’re an absolute RS6 disciple you’ll no doubt discern the lower ride height (10mm, with an additional 35mm of play) courtesy of adjustable dampers of MTM’s own design.

Around the rump of the RS6 Clubsport a dual double-exhaust arrangement, with generous 80mm plumbing, leaves one in no doubt as to the car’s latent dynamic abilities. To shore up the RS6 Clubsport’s acoustic signature the MTM stainless steel exhaust system boasts throttle valves in one of each of the dual ends, actuated by an electronic control system.

Thanks to impeccable recalibration of the RS6’s stock engine control module and the custom-made exhaust system MTM’s Clubsport adds a touch more than 100kW of power over the standard RS6. Tally the numbers and MTM’s quickest RS6 yet boasts a 537kW version of the 5.0 TFSI Bi-turbo V10, with an alarming 860Nm of peak rotational force available at only 2 750r/min.

Find a quality high-friction surface and this RS6 (lurid colours and all) should run the 0-100km/h benchmark in 3.6 seconds, before passing 200km/h 7.4 seconds later. Maximum speed? Well, it’s pegged to be 350km/h - and after the RS6 R Estate’s 344.2km/h run last year you’d have to be rather silly to bet against Roland Mayer not achieving his goal at this year’s Nardo high speed event.

So, if you’ve always wanted your own very loud, (slightly) lighter and stupidly fast RS6 minus the backseat and sporting a Clubsport badge, MTM’s Wettstetten workshop outside Ingolstadt will be happy to oblige.


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