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MTM releases 302km/h RS5

2010-07-29 07:12

Audi’s RS5 broaches the psychological 300km/h barrier thanks to some naughty electronics wizardry from MTM.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer MTM
Model RS5
Engine 4.2l V8
Power 331kW @ 8 250r/min
Torque 430Nm @ 4 000 - 6 000r/min
Transmission Seven-speed DCT
Zero To Hundred 4.6 sec
Top Speed 302km/h
In his most underwhelming work to date, MTM’s Roland Mayer has released a derestricted RS5 package for Audi’s M3-killer.

Wettstetten-based MTM has garnered a reputation for building some of the fastest Audi’s in history.

The company’s R8-baiting TT conversions (and RS6 power upgrade kits) are the stuff of legend.

Mayer’s background as an engineer on the original quattro has served him well in a quest to extract increasingly more power (and speed) from Audi’s products.

The company’s latest RS-badged performance car, the RS5, is an obvious choice for modification.

There is an issue though. When something is already as well sorted and quick as the factory RS5, how much more performance can be extracted from it?

To this end Mayer has let the marketer in him triumph over his engineering instincts.

MTM’s tier one RS5 conversion does not add a single unit of output to the 4.2l V8 engine. Those red cam-covers are left well and truly untouched.

Instead Mayer's simply cheated the RS5’s 250km/h governor to allow the car to run up to its true top speed potential of 302km/h. Factoring in a safety margin for the additional 52km/h of performance, appropriately rated Michelin tyres roll on MTM Bimoto alloys as part of this RS5 upgrade.

For the rest it is very much standard fare RS5. Knowing MTM though, significant dynamic enhancements are due before the end of this year.

Mayer says MTM is finessing a special air-suspension system for the RS5 (shoring up either ride-quality or agility, as required) and will offer more fade resistant brake rotors as part of a more complete tuning package.

Considering MTM was one of the first German tuners to boost Audi’s RS6 past the 500kW barrier, one suspects a rampant power increase is in the works too…

For the interim though, you can only have those darkened Bimoto wheels and circumvented the speed governor for the princely sum of $1 429. 


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