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MTM engineers TT RS stopgap

2009-04-02 07:03
Roland Mayer knows you want Porsche Cayman S humbl

Roland Mayer knows you want Porsche Cayman S humbling pace from your TT S, subsequently his latest tuning package packs 280kW worth of power. Imagine what he is going to do with the TT RS?

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer MTM
Model TT S
Engine 2TFSI
Power 280kW
Torque 494Nm
Audi’s TT RS is still a few months off, but Wettstetten-based MTM fortunately offers a compelling alternative for impatient TT customers.

Sensing a narrow window of marketable opportunity (huge TT RS hype versus staggered delivery schedules), MTM boss, Roland Mayer, has turned up the power on the standard 2l TT turbocharged engine with a carefully fettled TT S package.

Big power jump

Thanks to customised MTM intake and exhaust manifolds, reprogrammed ECU settings and a recalibrated turbocharger, Mayer has managed to boost power up to 280kW and rotational force to 494Nm.

Those are significant increases over the standard TT S, which produces 195kW and 350Nm.

Ensuring MTM’s latest TT S tuning package is dynamically validated, brakes are upgraded by Brembo to 380mm discs, actuated by eight-piston callipers. Ensuring a surfeit of grip, high performance Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 245/30 rubber rotates on multispoke MTM 20-inch mags whilst a re-angled rear-spoiler adds some additional downforce at speed.

As neat as the latest incarnation of MTM’s TT S package is, one can only assume it fulfils the role of an intermediary marketing step before the TT RS arrives.

Considering Roland Mayer’s background as one of the lead engineers on the original Quattro turbo in the 1980s, the MTM boss man probably can’t wait to engineer some additional performance from Audi’s first serious five-cylinder performance car in more than a decade. Watch this space…


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