New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

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M3 gets an emotional 520kW boost

2010-06-04 07:17

Does the world need a 4.4l bi-turbo V8 powered M3 when they frightfully expensive, naturally aspirated, GTS is available? Of course it does.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model M3
Engine 4.4l bi-turbo V8
Power 520kW
If you’re a wheel manufacturer bored with marketing three-piece alloys, what’s the logical way to expand your product portfolio? A Ferrari 599-baiting M3, that’s what.

Düsseldorf-based Emotion Wheels now offer quite a bit more from its workshop than fitting outlandishly dimensioned alloy wheels rolling wafer-thin profile tyres.

Thanks to a supply of N63 engines (which we have no idea how Emotion Wheels managed to source) the German wheel manufacturer now claims to build the most rapid M3s yet.

Of course the world needs a 4.4l bi-turbo V8 M3

The X5/X6 M sourced 4.4l bi-turbo V8’s stock exhaust plumbing is binned in favour of a custom system crafted from titanium. Harmonising air and fuel flow commensurate to the mechanical breaking point of the engine is a new engine control module.

In terms of output the Emotion Wheels M3 raises some alarming figures. Power peaks at 520kW, which is a staggering 211kW improvement over the E92 M3 and 112 units of power keener than the N63 4.4l V8 is rated in stock M-specification.

Despite the increase in power Emotion Wheels has not done much in terms of ensuring the M3’s dynamic abilities are enhanced to cope. You get a bespoke H&R coil-over kit installed at each wheel corner which enables ride height reduction of between 25-63mm. Brakes remain factory specification though…

Although Emotion Wheels have absolutely no credibility in the tuning arena (they make and sell wheels) this rather ambitious M3 conversion should garner them plenty of attention.

At least they’ve left the M3’s surfacing relatively stock, only adding a carbon bonnet to match the E92’s trademark carbon-fibre roof. It’s a good start, of sorts…


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