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Kicherer wraps up new 462kW SLS

2010-06-28 07:24

It might not be over elaborate and shiny, but the Kicherer SLS Supersport Black Edition is one of the more palatable SLS AMG aftermarket conversions yet.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Kicherer
Model SLS Supersport Black Edition
Engine 6.2l V8
Power 462kW
Matte is the new black. A surfacing fashion trend being championed (with alarming determination) by German aftermarket tuners, no supercar is safe from being wrapped within a neat layer of black foil these days.

The latest victim of the matte black craze is Mercedes-Benz’s superlative SLS AMG supercar.

With its gullwing doors and classic long-nose GT proportions, you would think the SLS is one of the very last candidates in need of an aesthetic upgrade. Well, think again…

German tuner Kicherer, based in Stockach, has now released a special edition SLS AMG with the express purpose of luring customers seeking some individualisation.

Can't wait for an SLS Black Series?

Kicherer’s elaborately named SLS Supersport Black Edition is a well timed (if ill-executed) offering, entering the market before AMG’s rumoured ‘Black Edition’ SLS debuts in two years time.

Besides the matte foil exterior trim the Kicherer SLS features a regulation lip spoiler and remoulded aft bumper.

The car also rolls new two-piece black wheels (which look a trifle cheap) and the brake callipers are finished in a contrasting gold hue.

Mechanically the Kicherer SLS draws an additional 42kW from the award winning AMG 6.2l V8 courtesy of some ECU black magic and custom exhaust plumbing – the latter refining the V8’s acoustic signature.

With the Kicherer Supersport Black Edition driving 462kW through the rear wheels exclusively, newfangled adjustable dampers at each wheel corner allow for greater control and dynamic finesse when harnessing all the power.

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