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Italian Quattro gets supercharged

2010-07-26 07:12

Subtle, yet purposeful, styling masks the Novitec Quattroporte’s Lamborghini Gallardo beating outputs.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Novitec
Model Quattroporte
Engine 4.7l supercharged V8
Power 434kW @ 7 300r/min
Torque 572Nm
Transmission Six-speed auto
Zero To Hundred 4.6 sec
Top Speed 295km/h
Maserati’s Quattroporte is in many ways the seminal performance four-door.

The Quattroporte nameplate has been part of the fabled Italian manufacturer’s product portfolio since 1963, spanning five generations.

Peculiarly the current fifth-generation Quattroporte is only available with naturally aspirated V8 power, whereas its predecessor garnered a giant-killing reputation courtesy of small-capacity, blown V8s.

To redress this state of affairs German aftermarket engineering concern Novitec Tridente has released a proper upgrade for the Quattroporte  - elevating it to a level of M5-challenging performance.

One quick Italian Quattro

Despite being based in Stetten, Germany, Novitec has built a reputation (of sorts) by adding forced induction to the most hallowed of Italian atmospheric V8s.

Supercharged Ferraris are the company’s standard fare. Novitec is not indifferent to working its technical magic on twin-brand Maserati’s V8s though.

Novitec’s latest supercharged V8 conversion is the handiwork of powertrain engineer Michael Schneider.

Convinced the 4.7l Maserati V8 had a fair number of latent kilowatts awaiting extraction, Schneider engineered an impeccable boost upgrade to harness the engine's full performance.

A cogged-belt driven mechanical supercharger feeds 0.35bar of boost through a custom made intake manifold to larger injectors.

The result is an almighty increase in power of more than 100 units, peaking at 434kW. Rotational force is up to 572Nm and unsurprisingly the Novitec Quattroporte’s performance figures are a striking improvement over the factory car.

Benchmark acceleration figures are very competitive (0-100km/h in 4.6 sec, 0-200km/h in 14.9 sec), before the six-speed automatic transmission’s gearing runs out short at 295km/h.

To ensure the engine’s endurance is commensurate to this rampant increase in performance, Novitec’s added a water-to-air intercooler to guarantee sufficient temperature regulation.

Handles too

Novitec’s engineering team has done its utmost to harmonise the car’s dynamics around Schneider’s engine boost regime.

Three piece alloy wheels (featuring a five-blade design) measuring 21-inches (rolling Pirelli P Zero high-performance tyres) shore up traction security whilst coil-over suspension with adjustable dampers enhance the Quattroporte’s agility.

Beyond the appreciable increase in outputs and performance the Quattroporte’s celebrated exterior design and surfacing is left relatively untouched. Novitec merely adds a carbon-fire bootlid spoiler for some high-speed stability.

The ostentatious Quattroporte cabin benefits from a range of custom tailoring options – ranging from classic leather and Alcantara trim upgrades to contemporary digitisation in the form a Blu-Ray enabled TV and high-speed internet connection.

Reconfiguring your Quattroporte to M5-besting performance does not come cheap though. German ingenuity and labour costs ensure the Novitec Quattroporte conversion is a rather steep proposition at €19 900.


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