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Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

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Hummer H2 gets a chrome suit

2010-03-09 08:43
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Hummer
Model H2 CFC
Engine 6.2l V8
Power 353kW
Hummer is dead. GM doesn’t want it anymore. The Chinese aren’t interested either – and you have to be really undesirable if they reject you.

The pending demise of Hummer is a victory for enviromentalists and SUV-haters.. Current owners will no doubt be saddened by the demise of this quintessentially American brand (much the same as Buell bike owners feel), yet residuals should improve in the long run.

If you wish to make a public statement of your commitment to all things Hummer, there could possibly be no finer tribute than a chrome H2 by German tuner CFC.

Those 28-inch tall wheels do good things for the H2's ground clearance in principle, yet they possess negligible traction properties off-road.

Big and bright

The H2, which is comically too big for most off-road trails and urban parking spaces, has been given a thorough pimping-out by German tuner CFC.

Based in the Weilheim district of Bavaria, CFC’s technical personnel have obviously been watching way too many MTV rap-videos during the European winter. Lashings of chrome adorn most of the CFC H2’s surfacing, with the carbon-fibre hood providing some contrast.

As one would expect from a tuned H2, the CFC modified car rolls outlandish 28-inch alloy wheels. These wheels, rotating rather amazing 325/35R28 Kumho tyres, effortlessly ruin the H2's ride-quality and vanquish any off-road ability. Clever.

An an engine upgrade, courtesy of VW tuning specialist Wimmer, boosts the 6.2l V8’s power output by 60 units to 353kW.

CFC's littered the H2's cabin with a raft of infotainment options. You'll never be able to complain about having to watch what everyone else wanted to - there are 17 screens.

Digitised cabin

Beyond the reflective exterior surfacing and Mine truck sized wheels, CFC’s embellished the H2’s cabin with 17 Axion displays, a DVD-player, XBox console, digital television and 1 360 Watt sound system – just in case you get bored in traffic…

For those H2 CFC owners who’ll be using their vehicles to sell narcotics, there’s a neat mini-bar inside – which should help smooth over those tense ‘deal-making’ sessions…

What’s the point of the H2 CFC? Well, it’s a poignantly pointless car.

If you’ve ever been to Bavaria though, you’ll know they love tuning American cars. Just ask Karl Geiger – the Godfather of Germany’s Detroit specialists.


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