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Howling 588kW Ohio 911 Turbo

2009-08-06 07:52
 America’s answer to Gembella? Featuring a whole l

America’s answer to Gemballa? Featuring a whole lot less styling excess and 588kW we think so.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Switzer 911 Turbo
Engine 3.6l turbocharged flat-six
Power 588kW
Ohio might be one of the worst places to live in America – except if you want a really quick Porsche Turbo, then its status is elevated to being nearly the best place in the world.

Switzer Performance Innovation (SPI), based in Oberlin, Ohio earns most of its revenue by providing tuning kits for North American Porsche owners.

Although Tym Switzer and his technical team specialise in boosting all manner of turbocharged exotics, their stock in trade is Porsche - hardly surprising when you consider the US is Zuffenhausen's largest market and the marque has a dedicated following there.

These are the kind of people who like to buy American when they’re enhancing their Zuffenhausen toys, yet would never be caught dead driving a Corvette.

After releasing a rather insane GT2 bolt-on performance package in June, Switzer’s marketing acumen has now led to something with a little more traction.

Called the P800 997 package, Switzer takes your ordinary 911 Turbo (353kW) and does a serious all-in job of re-engineering the fabled 3.6l flat-six engine.

Sparkplugs out? That will a weekend job then - and we mean the entire weekend, not just a quick Friday night 45 minute project...

Impressive turbo plumbing

Switzer technicians chuck the stock turbos in favour of GT30 units. These new boost units feature custom billet compression wheels on a ball-bearing centre section and are housed in lightweight stainless steel housings.

To feed the new Garrett turbos you need quantitative airflow into (and naturally out of) the combustion chambers.

Switzer's custom headers are beautifully machined.

Aiding this high performance air-flow and gas-exchange environment are redesigned intake manifolds and throttle bodies, machined to function optimally with the recalibrated ECU parameters and free-flow exhaust system.

Cooling down the entire operation are Switzer's custom made - and unfeasibly large - intercoolers, which they say operate without significant pressure losses.

Disturbing numbers

Answering the obligatory performance questions are a 0-100km/h time of three seconds dead and quarter-mile run of 10.5 seconds. Rather quick, all things considered. Rather unsurprising too, when you factor in the 588kW power peak.

Thankfully, Porsche’s all-wheel drive system should add a modicum of civilly to proceedings, whilst a Switzer sourced carbon-fibre clutch should enable more than a single full-throttle launch.

In characteristic American tuning fashion, the 911’s sheet metal surfacing is left largely untouched, with a set of fancy alloys and oversized exhaust ends the most obvious clue to this Switzer 800’s monumental performance credentials.

Switzer’s tuned Porsches are undoubtedly the best thing to come out of Ohio since…well, ever.


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