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Howling 265-kW Wolf Focus RS

2009-11-05 07:52
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ford
Engine 2.5l five-cylinder turbo
Power 265kW
Torque 558Nm
Germans have an affinity for modified Ford RS products, so it’s hardly surprising a tuner from the fatherland, Wolf, currently sports the most powerful RS on earth in its product portfolio.

Wolf's RS kit boosts engine output from 224- to 265 kW, courtesy of liberally recalibrated engine and turbocharger engine management parameters.

Backed up by 558Nm of rotational force, this Wolf RS is sure to be a, well, wolf amongst the sheep in the hot hatch car park.

Traction? Not an issue...

Channelling 558Nm via the front wheels only should overcome even the automatic torque biasing differential.

Cognisant of such potential front axle traction peril, Wolf offers a track-based multi-disc front differential lock, which shores up front-axle torque distribution as much as is technically possible.

Firming up the Wolf’s ride is a coilover damper set, although clearance can be dropped by a fixed 30mm too via a fixed spring set-up.

A variety of alloy wheel options are on offer too, from 18-inches right up to rather irrational 20-inch items.

To ensure all and sundry are aware of the performance potential of your Wolf RS the company has littered the bodywork with promotional graphics, too. Lovely.


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