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Hot pepper Cayenne hybrid

2010-08-12 08:10

Porsche’s Cayenne is finessed by speedART. The speedHybrid 450 package offers a power upgrade and neat GT3 RS type livery.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer speedART
Model speedHybrid 450
Engine 3l supercharged V6, electric
Power 335kW
Torque 570Nm
Zero To Hundred 6 sec
Top Speed 252km/h
Porsche’s second-generation Cayenne is (thankfully) better looking than the original.

Its less challenging aesthetics mean German aftermarket tuners can spend more effort sharpening dynamics instead of trying to improve the big Porsche’s styling.

Based in Rutesheim near Stuttgart, speedART may be oddly capitalised and less well known than rival tuner Techart - yet the company has done a rather neat job of customising the latest Cayenne.

The speedHybrid 450 package is primarily geared to providing customers with increased performance and dynamic agility, supported by a very subtle styling upgrade.

Differentiating the speedART Cayenne from its stock siblings are a set of oversized 100mm diameter dual exhaust ends, blue side-mirrors (it has a blue stripe running centre down the roof too) and forged 22-inch alloy wheels.

Porsche fans will correctly recognise the blue colour contrast and patterning as GT3 RS inspired.

Mechanically speedART has upped the Cayenne’s dynamic offering by adding an additional 52 units of power, booting peak combined output to 335kW.

The extra power trims half a second from the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint time.

Cabin embellishments are minimal. A boost gauge is mounted atop the fascia - ensuring speedHybrid 450 owners know exactly when the S4-sourced supercharged 3l V6 is on the boil. This is probably a case of overkill considering the supercharged V6’s forced-induction is geared to operate seamlessly, without discernable lag.

Shoring up the speedHybrid 450’s agility is a set of new coils, specifically calibrated to work with the Cayenne’s air suspension system.

With Porsche’s second-generation Cayenne still new to the market, this speedART conversion is one of the first of what promises to become a slew of aftermarket tuning options for the big SUV.


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