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German tuner's 735kW SL Black

2010-08-25 07:55

For the price of new 911, German tuner MKB will convert your SL65 Black Series into a widow-maker of note. This is the ultimate SL Black Series - although it is finished in white.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model P 1000
Engine 6l twin-turbo V12
Power 735kW
Torque 1 300Nm
Transmission Five-speed auto
Zero To Hundred 3.6 sec
Top Speed 370km/h
Weight 1 907kg
You would think the SL65 AMG Black Series would be outrageous enough for most tastes.

Built by Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division in Affalterbach, the SL65 Black Series may be the only SL in history to have a fixed roof – but it is also the fastest.

Thanks to its 6l V12 engine’s turbocharged performance, the SL65 ‘Black’ is an awesome machine.

Unfortunately some people are never satisfied – or so most German aftermarket tuners think.

Pandering to the demand of SL65 Black Series owners who desire (for reasons unfathomable) even more power from their fixed-roof SL, German tuner MKB has a new P 1000 conversion in the offering.

The name says it all really. MKB boosts the SL65’s performance to 1 000 imperial units of peak power – which is a lot. Too much? Perhaps.

Better performance. Bigger everything.

How does MKB swell the SL65’s power numbers from 493- to 735kW?

Well, for starters the stock Mercedes-Benz validated turbos are swapped-out for new units supplying a greater volume of air-flow.

A new intake manifold harmonises with the increased boost flow from the turbos, whilst the cylinder heads roll new camshafts with a more aggressive profile.

With a recalibrated ECU synchronising the increased boost regime and air-routing modifications the P 1000’s 735kW is augmented by 1 300Nm of peak rotational force.

The standard SL65 ‘Black’ also has a surfeit of pulling power (1 200Nm). It is of course electronically staggered to 1 000Nm though, in the interest of transmission longevity.

MKB is not going to nanny its potential P 1000 customers though.

Offering a series of limited-slip rear differentials with a selection of final drive ratios, P 1000 owners will have full access to the tyre vulcanising effect of 1300Nm.

Drag-strip certified...

Claimed acceleration figures are startling.

MKB took a test P 1000 unit to a local drag racing event in Germany (at Hockenheim) and record an 11.1 second quarter-mile time.

Traditional metric acceleration numbers see 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds and the 200km/h mark passed 5.3 seconds later.

Although MKB has not done an official top speed test yet, the P 1000 can be ordered with a rear differential geared to run a potential 370km/h - which should test the build integrity of those Mercedes-Benz side-mirrors.

Beyond the outrageous engine output upgrades and trick rear differentials, MKB has left the SL65 AMG Black Series styling relatively free of annoying aftermarket add-ons.

The only discernable difference in appearance between the P 1000 and a stock SL65 ‘Black’ are those two-piece alloys - tasteless, but a favourite of German tuners.

Yearning for unlimited SL65 performance and looking to distinguish your SL65 Black Series from the others at local Mercedes-Benz club events?

Well, if you ship your can to MKB’s Winneden headquarters and hand over the keys for three months keeping they’ll gladly turn your car into a P 1000 for the princely sum of R1.1m.


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