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Gemballa's mad Mirage Carrera GT

2007-10-24 12:02
Gemballa have done the unspeakable and set about "enhancing" what many would consider the perfect supercar, Porsches' Carrera GT.

Working in a rarefied, parallel engineering universe where exotic materials are de rigueur and price is no question, the slightly over-the-top model delineation - Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition - is quite understandable.

What Uwe Gemballa has done is take the perfectly capable Carrera GT, added some power, a lot of aerodynamic body kit, and some bespoke interior detailing. Whilst some see the customisation of a Carrera GT as sacrilege, the visual drama the Mirage GT Black Edition conjures up is unmatched.

The standard Carrera GT, with its perfectly sculptured mid-engine proportions and resonant Porsche design language is conceivably impossible to improve on in terms of aesthetics.

Yet seeking better high-speed stability - which appears a bit much of muchness considering the standard car typically tracks dead-straight at 330km/h - was the principle underpinning many of the styling add-ons.

Perhaps the two most dramatic styling additions are the roof air-intake, which fuses with the centre line of the Targa hard-top , and the elaborate integrated wing that sits in the middle of the elaborate rear-spoiler. Covering the 5.7-litre V10 engine is a mesh cover.

Beyond these the usual fare of all-round skirts with integrated air intakes and diffusers add additional visual drama to the already rampant aesthetic of the Carrera GT. Brake calibers and headlight surrounds are also finished in a matching, lurid Yellow hue.

Interior upgrades have been dramatic too. Gemballa have fitted a 6.5-inch screen and touch screen information system to keep you up to date with your biblical performance runs, and practically everything but the dials have been covered with Alcantara.

Ensuring owners keep a firm grip on things is a 340mm steering wheel. A rear-view driving camera ensures there are no embarrassing parking lot-moments either.

Seeing as the standard Carrera GT is a performance benchmark, there was very little Gemballa could possibly do to the redoubtable 5.7-litre 450kW V10 beyond some incremental breathing and exhaust refinements. Subsequently power is up to a peak of 480kW at 8000r/min.

Keeping such a manic amount of urge generally traveling in the intended direction has been left to the standard suspension set-up, with Gemballa only upgrading the wheel and tyre package by offering a set of 265 / 35 ZR 19' up front and 335 / 30 ZR 20's at the rear.

Without electronic stability control, and having only had an original production run of 1270 units, even procuring a standard Carrera GT is an epic task, which makes the Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition one of the most bespoke Porsche-badged vehicles ever.


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