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GT-R goes vegetarian

2010-07-07 08:20

Don’t let those multi-spoke BBS alloys fool you, this GT-R nearly doubles the standard car’s power output thanks to a mielie diet.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Switzer
Model P900
Engine 3.8l twin-turbo V6
Power 670kW
If you travel deep into rural Ohio, near Oberlin, you’ll happen upon a rather nondescript tuning shop headed by Tim Switzer.

Operating far away from the traditional stateside tuning epicentres (Los Angeles, Miami and Texas) Switzer quietly plies his trade in Ohio’s corn farming outback.

Don’t be fooled by his speed shop’s unglamorous location.

Switzer is a first class tinkerer, able to extract epic power figures from even the most impeccably tuned supercars.

A Switzer speciality is Nissan’s GT-R.

Courtesy of aftermarket boost control, significantly revised ECU parameters, a custom exhaust system and high-pressure waste gate actuators, Switzer's P800 GT-R kit boosts peak power from 357- to 527kW.

You would think a 527kW GT-R would be a significant enough achievement, reinforcing Switzer’s profile amongst tuners stateside and hardly requiring him to shore up Godzilla’s peak power output even more.

Tim Switzer is not a man with idle hands, though.

The vegetarian option

Scanning the farmland surrounding his workshop he thought it would be a fine idea to convert his P800 GT-R package to run on E85 ethanol, derived from corn.

Naturally, GT-R enthusiasts would baulk at the idea of their beloved Godzilla being fed an apparently substandard diet of ethanol, yet E85 is pretty strong medicine for a performance engine. In fact, Switzer’s idea with the conversion of his P800 kit to run on ethanol had little to do with placating environmentalists – it had everything to do with extracting even more power form the 3.8l twin-turbo V6 engine.

After establishing Dobson Motorsports – a New Zealand concern – were able to suitably reinforce the stock Borg-Warner transmission, Switzer went to work on the engine with one goal in mind – to broach a peak output of more than 800 imperials units.

To achieve this Switzer swapped out his P800 modified fuel injectors for even larger items, in effect realising the potential of the ethanol fuel source’s energy coefficient. Fortunately, the multi-point (as opposed to direct-injection) nature of the GT-R’s fuelling made the conversion a lot easier.

Add in boost control, significantly revised ECU parameters, a custom exhausts system (with airflow initiated by Switzer’s custom turbo intakes) and high-pressure waste gate actuators and it all tallies up to 670kW.

Thanks to the GT-R’s fully symmetrical intake and exhaust system design, gas flow exchange profiles are very smooth to start with, making the V6 engine a charm to work on. Switzer's impeccable craftsmanship extends to an optional aluminium intercooler, custom made to bolt straight into operation without requiring any cutting of components inside the GT-R’s engine bay.

Completing Switzer’s GT-R P900 package is an Amuse carbon fibre aerodynamics package, three-way adjustable JRZ dampers and a set of 20-inch BBS alloys.

It might run on vegetable extract, but Switzer’s P900 is one forbiddingly powerful GT-R.


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