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G-Power Storm blows away S65 AMG

2010-02-25 09:01

Does the idea of a BMW M7 appeal to you? Well, this (very) limited edition G-Power Storm is about as close as you’ll get.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer G-Power
Model Storm
Engine 6l, twin-turbo V12
Power 533kW
Torque 1 000Nm
Transmission Eight-speed auto
Zero To Hundred 4.2 seconds
Top Speed 345km/h
Autenzell is not cool. The little German town is hardly a happening place.

Simply, it's a very odd location for BMW owners to go and have their cars made stupidly fast. There is always something rather odd, inexplicable even, about true genius though.

For in Autenzell you’ll find the even more curiously named Zoran Zeneke, who runs the G-Power aftermarket tuning concern. The litany of silly names doesn’t end there either. Just peruse the product portfolio, there’s the Hurricane M6, Tornado M3 and Typhoon X5.

It would be very easy to dismiss G-Power as irrelevant. It's not though. Not at all.

In fact, Zoran Zeneke builds some of the fastest BMWs in history, with his cars occasionally edging an officially verified 368km/h at the extreme end of drivetrain endurance…

Seven is the number of the beast?

There is one car G-Power (and BMW’s M-division) has never really toyed with extensively – the 7 Series.

Fortunately, this has now been rectified by the announcement, from boring Autenzell, that G-Power is planning to build only ten examples of its latest bout of automotive lunacy – the Storm.

Those 22-inch alloys are a touch garish. You'll be glad they're shod with ZR-spec rubber though, considering the Storm's 345km/h topspeed.

So, what is it? Well, it’s a S65 AMG baiting 7 Series.

Thanks to G-Power’s craftsmen the Storm (based on a stock 760i) boasts an impressive range airflow management upgrades and monumental increase in peak power output.

The front bumper has been replaced with a new one (channelling 15% more air into the engine’s cooling system), whilst a new bonnet, side skirts and diffuser embedded rear bumper all do their bit to ensure optimal stability at speed.

New springs lower the Storm’s median ride height by 30mm, whilst forged, three-part Silverstone RS aluminium wheels roll Michelin 265/30 ZR22 rubber up front and 295/25s at the rear.

Melting ice-caps with 1 000Nm has never been this easy with a Munich machine. Power is up by 133kW, torque surges by 250Nm, yet 0-100km/h sprint only 0.4 seconds keener...

Turning up the boost - a lot

Beyond the hoodlum limousine looks, G-Power has extracted an alarming amount of additional power from the 6l, twin-turbo BMW V12 engine.

Fundamentally, the increase in power output is due to G-power nearly doubling the V12's boost feed, from 0.5- to 0.9bar – courtesy of some consulting work by turbocharging specialist ASA.

To counter the amplified engine strain this increase in force induction exerts, G-Power slotted in larger injection valves and fitted entirely new exhaust plumbing, binning the environmentally aware stock catalytic converters for high-flow units along the way.

Harmonising all these modifications is a suitably reprogrammed engine control module, which tallies the Storm’s final outputs to 533kW and 1 000Nm. It compares rather favourably with the S65 AMG’s 455kW and 1 000Nm.

Show grim disregard for the mechanical longevity of the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, and the Storm will see off the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in 4.2 seconds, before powering on to an unlimited 345km/h. It’s quite aptly named, then, you’ll agree - an authentically storming 7 Series.


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