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Ferrari's 633kW R&D deal

2008-08-14 06:56
If you have $2 000 000 laying around and current i

If you have $2 000 000 laying around and current interest rates don’t hold your fancy you could always give it Ferrari, who might let you drive ‘their’ FXX (standard and Evo) around a dozen times a year. On days which suit them. Deal huh?

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ferrari
Model FXX Evo
Engine 6.3-litre V12
Power 633Kw @ 9 500r/min
Ferrari’s Enzo has seen some pretty audacious limited edition variants. A pity you can’t drive the latest ones down to your local Spar though.

From the initial 400 unit production five years ago, the Enzo – as its name demanded – represents everything which is good about Ferrari’s racing program and transferred it to the road.

Building supercars is a business though, and the marketing blokes at Ferrari knew they could stick on funny bits of carbon fibre and keep liberating incrementally more power from the 6-litre V12 (485kW) whilst substantially inflating the price.

A really expensive lease

Subsequently we’ve seen the FXX with its 6.3-litre V12 producing 588kW. A quicker shifting gearbox drives the FXX while it rolls on a set of bespoke Bridgestone tyres specifically developed for the car.

FXX cars are equipped with fitted data-recording and telemetry systems to allow Ferrari to record the car's behaviour for future supercar development reference.

Much like the garden variety Enzo, Ferrari casually phoned up its most loyal, famous and rich customers and offered the cars – at a rather steep $2 400 000 a piece.

Unfortunately there was one caveat though: you could only drive them at specially organised Ferrari track days. It's understandable though, considering the FXX performance potential overweight Russian gangsters would simply be lethal piloting these around the byways of Southern France.

In what constitutes the most insane pseudo-lease agreement in history then; a group of just over 20 customers got to drive 'their' car at 28 sessions track sessions over two years; half of these were private sessions, the other group days.

At the end of each session drivers give engineers present feedback concerning the car - obviously Kimi has not been doing the hard yards at the test track lately. Ferrari says it's all in the name of research and development; we say it's a money spinner of note.

An even more expensive lease

For those interested in the ultimate track day toy Ferrari have now shipped off three FXX Evo models - two to traffic congested Hong Kong and the other somewhere in Europe – to a troika of extraordinarily discerning customers at $2 800 000 each.

These three Ferrari collectors will only be able to sample the extraordinary performance of their cars on specially organised Ferrari track days too; so posing outside News Café with your FXX Evo is unfortunately out.

'Owners' will have the pleasure of shifting gears at only 60 milliseconds per shift, a reduction of 20 milliseconds. Dismiss such detail at your peril though.

With 633kW on tap at 9 500r/min; those few saved milliseconds of shift time are key to the clipping point obsessed track day driving dynamic – especially when you’re obliged to e-mail a detailed driver experience evaluation back to Maranello after each drive, ostensibly for ‘development’ purposes too, just like the fools who bought into the standard FXX track day package.

To keep customers mostly on track the traction control system has been revised to provide nearly mercurial reactive capabilities, whilst maximum down force generated by the FXX Evo aerodynamic package equates to 1.5 tons, nearly double the standard FXX value.


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