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Ferrari station wagon shocker

2008-01-25 08:13
Fancy a Ferrari Scaglietti 612 estate? If you turn your new 612 over to some crazy Dutchmen they might make you one.

Vandenbrink Design is a Dutch company which might sound like an East Rand interior decorator, but in fact produces some of the most bespoke Ferrari based supercars available.

Cutting up Ferraris for a living

Headed by Michiel van den Brink, a 30 year old industrial designer with a penchant for gaspingly expensive automotive design projects, the Dutch company has gained notoriety in Europe for reinvigorating the art of custom automotive coach building.

Although cutting up Ferraris is as close to automotive sacrilege as one is ever likely to come, van den Brink has justified the carnage with such exasperating price tags and exquisitely finished products as to find Ferrari headquarters quite mum about his exploits.

Buy new, then disassemble

The shooting brake design - a two-door coupe estate - is undoubtedly the preserve of the most blue-blooded of aristocrats, tailor made for those with French-English double barrel hyphenated surnames who enjoy having room in the Ferrari for transporting a fox-kill or two.

If you want a contemporary Ferrari shooting brake, all you need is a 612 Scaglietti - perhaps the most aesthetically challenged Ferrari of recent times ? and Vandenbrink design will customise the coach working for you.

Very quick hatchback

What you essentially end up with is a rear-wheel drive, V12 Italian thoroughbred hatchback. With an extended roofline which finishes into an integrated hatchback, the Vandenbrink shooring brake arguably has better balanced proportions than the 612 orginal coupe.

Aspiring customers are those who enjoy falconry and hunting small mammals on vast European country estates, accommodated by custom build interior architecture designed to carry your bird of prey or Krieghoff hunting rifles with ease.

Ensuring optimum falconeering or hunting time in the field means spending as little time possible travelling to the palatial country estate, in which case the Vandenbrink shooting brake employs a 5.8-litre, 397kW V12, which comes in awfully handy.


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