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Danish pushrod V8 packs 800kW

2008-12-18 11:04
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Zenvo
Model ST1
Engine 7l, 16v, V8, turbo-, supercharged
Power 801kW @ 6 900r/min
Torque 1 430Nm @ 4 500r/min
Transmission Six-speed manual
Zero To Hundred 3 seconds
Top Speed 374km/h (limited)
Fuel Tank 69l
Weight 1376kg
Boot Size 130l
Steering Power assisted, speed sensitive
Front Suspension Double-wishbone, three-way adjust
Rear Suspension Double-wishbone, three-way adjust
Featuring a twin-charged, 16v V8, Zenvo’s ST1 tops 370km/h. Quite what the point is, we don’t know.

Whilst the automotive world flounders in the wake of an unprecedented crisis concerning overproduction and retracting consumer demand, the Danes, known chiefly for politically incorrect cartoons, 60s skin-flicks and high quality export bacon, have now jumped on the supercar bandwagon.

Their attempt is designated Zenvo ST1, and though the wedge shaped styling, with its aerodynamically efficient creases and geometric surfaces, might look thoroughly futuristic, the car itself is quite basic.

Corvette Power?

It’s powered by a mid-mounted 7l V8 (unconfirmed, but probably sourced from GM, in LS7 Corvette guise, especially since it only boasts 16 valves), boosted by both turbo- and supercharging to produce 801kW at 6 900r/min and 1 430Nm of torque at 4 500r/min. The aforementioned figures raise two issues in our mind.

Firstly, how did Zenvo manage the torque threshold transfer with a six-speed manual gearbox? Secondly, being solely rear-wheel drive, was the ST1 at any point designed with the though of not killing its driver? It might have a limited-slip rear differential, but really, would you trust yourself with 1 430Nm and rear-wheel drive?

Despite being burdened by the weight of a 7l V8 amidships, the ST1 is quite light at 1376kg, compared to the Bugatti Veyron’s 1888kg mass.
We hardly doubt the 0-100km/h claim of three seconds, or the 0-200km/h sprint in only nine seconds, though we’d love to see the Zenvo actually achieve the claimed 374km/h top speed with official timing equipment.

Ceramics optional

Deceleration is managed by an all-round ventilated disc brake system teaming up 380mm discs with six-pot calipers up front, and 355mm discs with six-pot calipers at the rear. Ceramics brakes, 394mm in diameter grabbed by eight-piston calipers, are only an option, yet a highly recommended one.

Michelin provides the rubber to trim those 19-inch alloys on the front axle (255/35) and the 20-inchers at the rear (335/30), whilst suspension is an all-round double wishbone, three-way adjustable gas-hydraulic set-up consulted on by Öhlins.

Development on the ST1 has been ongoing since 2004, with deliveries to start in 2009. Just 15 are set to be made, and no price tag quoted, expect to pay into seven figure territory – in Euros no less.

We’d love to know how anybody other than a former Springbok front-ranker will be able to operate the six-speed manual gearbox and clutch operation; considering it has to cope with nearly 1 500Nm.

Many might question the Zenvo's relevance, but across the Oresund bridge a young Swede called Christian von Koenigsegg hardly let supercar doomsayers curtail his enthusiasm a decade ago...


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