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Cosworth gives Rangey a boost

2010-04-19 07:06
Two of British motoring’s most esteemed names – Cosworth and Range Rover –  have been partnered to create some rather swift SUV transport solutions for those aristocrats who always find themselves in a hurry.

Bradford-based Project Kahn plays the matchmaker for this union of Cosworth engine tuning skill and Land Rover’s premium SUV’s stately appeal. Project Kahn has a thing for boosting the performance (if not always the aesthetic appeal) of British motoring icons.

Engine tuning prowess

Boasting an impeccable racing and road car engineering pedigree, Cosworth were contacted by Project Kahn to assist in liberating some additional power from Range Rover’s forced-induction V8 engines.

For those Range Rover customers running twin-turbo diesel power, Cosworth obliged by replacing the stock engine cover with a carbon-fibre one, instantly adding 20kW of extra urge. Okay, so it’s not solely the carbon engine cover responsible for this increase in power - they reprogrammed the ECU module and altered the exhaust system, too.

If you prefer your Range Rover’s performance to be accompanied by a more traditional petrol V8 growl, Cosworth will (alarmingly) boost the performance of the Rangey's supercharged V8 too.

Some induction trickery coupled with a completely new exhaust and liberally altered engine control parameters manage to boost the direct-injection 5l V8’s peak power from 375kW by 66 units to 441kW.

Multispoke 22-inch alloys and bumper unit with huge exhaust cut-outs are hardly the last word in subtlety.

Garish bodykit

Beyond the rampant increase in performance on offer, these Kahn RS300 and RS600 monikered Range Rover conversions have the honour of being officially badged Cosworth too – something we’ve not seen in the motoring landscape for more than a decade.

Project Kahn also adds a ten-piece bodykit to the Range Rover surfacing as part of the conversion. This includes a satin black mesh grille, extended wheel arches, side sills, vent cut-outs and a rear apron. To some eyes it might appear to resemble a Range Rover Sport gone wrong, but it sure creates a unique look…

Cabin embellishments include quilted leather surfacing for all seats (embossed with Cosworth logos), stainless steel door sills and electric blue backlit Cosworth motif instrumentation.

Priced in sterling, you’re looking at £22 000 for the RS300 diesel conversion (with all the styling trinkets included) and about £3 000 less for RS600 kit.

Quite a bargain for the privilege of authentic F1 streetcred thanks to the badge on the back of your SUV, isn’t it?


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