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Corvette Mike's 1200kW Mosler

2008-07-22 08:20
Mike Vietro's MT900S Red Devil

Mike Vietro's MT900S Red Devil

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mosler
Model MT900S Red Devil
Engine 7-litre, twin-turbo, pushrod 16v V8
Power 1 200kW @ 5 600r/min
Torque 2 000Nm
Transmission Hewland 6-speed manual
American supercars major on power, not appearance. The latest Mosler MT900S Red Devil is no exception.

Even though the Mosler automotive company – founded by bond trader Warren Mosler – has quite a checked history of media conflict and low sales, the carbon-fibre chassis equipped MT900 range is an exceptionally fast proposition.

Corvette roots

The MT900 name is hardly inconsequential too. It denotes the 900kg design target weight – which unfortunately ballooned to 1175kg in the first production version released in 2001.

Featuring extensive Corvette mechanicals – including the venerable pushrod LSI V8 engine from America’s seminal performance car, the Corvette – Mosler offers a radical driving experience. It's not particularly pretty though, thanks to styling dictated to by the Cd 0.25 aerodynamic properties.

Retailing through a sole agent in the US – renowned Corvette dealer Mike Vietro – some customers are apparently not petrified enough of the standard MT900S (324kW/998kg) with its 12 second flat quarter mile time. As any low-volume supercar dealer would do, Mike took it upon himself to run his own personal MT900S – dubbed the Red Devil - as a test bed for some serious aftermarket powertrain engineering.

Tom's greatest V8 yet

Over in Chatsworth (California, not Durban) Mike knew Tom Nelson would take meticulous care of his LS7 7-litre V8 equipped MT900S. Nelson has established an enviable reputation as a V8 power magician in US racing circles.

After months of extensive testing and refining Tom managed to massage 1 200kW of power at 5 600r/min and 2 000Nm of torque from the LS7 engine. In the understatement of the century so far Nelson said, “fulfilling this unique request was not an easy task.”

To crystallise the scope of Nelson’s achievement consider Vietro called off the dyno run 400r/min short of what would have been 1 323kW worth of peak power at 6 200r/min...

Obviously the addition of two turbochargers and running the engine on racing fuel contributed to the insane power figures – especially the 18-wheeler shaming torque output – yet this is still an old-school pushrod engine none the less.

Nelson estimates running the MT900S Red Devil on standard road fuel with the boost turned down a mite should yield a ‘reliable’ 735kW.

Is that a Veyron in your rear-view mirror?

Whether Mike Vietro will simply keep his Red Devil as a one off publicity car to showcase the dynamic potential of the Mostler model range, or offer a similar power package to customers is uncertain.

What is certain is when the Red Devil is unleashed on test tracks in the US in the coming months – it’s currently undergoing final tuning and engine installation – speed and acceleration records are seriously in peril. Bugatti Veyron owners have been warned.


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