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Corsa OPC gains 50% power hike

2010-10-14 06:32

ON FIRE: Flame graphics hardly subtle. Rear view is what most rival hot hatch owners will see (mostly) of the Dbilas OPC.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Opel
Model Corsa
Engine 1.6l turbo
Power 235kW
Torque 400Nm
Zero To Hundred 5.1 sec
Top Speed 264km/h
Back in the early 1990s, Opel marketed the Superboss – a car which was plainly the baddest hot hatch you could buy locally.

Today, Opel is a company in flux - after parent company GM went bust two years ago.

That is a shame, because the company’s range of hot hatches are quite possibly not being developed to their optimal level of road racer potential.

Fortunately there are people who care about extracting the maximum performance from Opel products.

People like Dbilas.

Dbilas. Who?

Well, Dbilas is not just another one of those lesser known German aftermarket tuning companies (and there are literally hundreds) that specialises in forced induction.

Based in Rödermark, Dbilas has since 1968 specialised in carburettor technology and as the world’s fuel delivery systems turned to injection, the company has fashioned a name for itself as an outstanding manufacturer of specialised custom inlet manifolds.

In fact, Dbilas technicians are very highly regarded the company turns-out vales, camshafts and an array of other impeccably crafted engine internals.

What does this possibly have to do with Opel hot hatches?

Well, Dbilas now has a rather naughty engine conversion available for the Opel Corsa OPC.

Tallying outputs of 235kW and 400Nm (as opposed to the series production numbers of 141kW and 230Nm) the Dbilas Corsa OPC is more of a credible Focus RS, instead of Fiesta ST, rival.

Trick internals

Enabling Dbilas to boost the OPC’s 1.6l engine to such outlandish levels of performance are a raft of internal component modifications. Forged pistons are driven by steel conrods, whilst gas extraction is via new, less restrictive plumbing. The new engine bits are all of the company’s own design and produced on site at Dbilas.

Performance air filters, a larger turbo and perfect harmonisation, courtesy of a recalibrated engine control module, all combine to net the 50% increase in power.

Considering the Corsa OPC only weighs 1 100kg, performance is tremendously swift, despite the lack of a limited-slip front differential or any torque-steer quelling ABS intervention system. Dbilas claims its tuned OPC can clock the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in 5.1 sec before powering to a top speed of 264km/h.

Despite retaining the standard OPC brakes (which are quite good, coincidentally), the Dbilas Corsa gains an Eibach lowering kit, reducing ride height by 20mm, in order to aid high-speed stability.

The price for this little bit of tuned Corsa OPC madness? A neat R48 000 – not a bad deal to convert your two-door Opel hot hatch into a contemporary Superboss.


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