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Carbon neutral Cayenne?

2009-09-07 07:28
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer MANSORY
Model Chopster
Engine 4.8l turbocharged V8
Power 522kW
Torque 900Nm
When Kourosh Mansory acquired Rinspeed’s Porsche tuning division a year ago, outrageous designs were the only logical consequence.

Mansory, Germany’s purveyor of notoriously expensive Aston Martin and Bentley conversions, is now focussing its considerable expertise on Porsche products too.

Boss man, Iranian born Kourosh Mansory, has carefully managed his company’s reputation by crafting prohibitively expensive aftermarket styling and dynamic upgrades for the best of British - Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Now Porsche has been welcomed into the Mansory portfolio too, thanks to a business structure realignment last year.

You noticed the new grille and bumper treatment too? Really? Quite subtle isn't it?

When Swiss based Rinspeed found itself unable to do justice to its Porsche refining division, Mansory bought it over, and now has facilities in both Germany and Switzerland, the latter specialising in Porsche products.

Thus far the Swiss subsidiary of Mansory – who is simply one of Europe’s most imaginative tuners – has produces a range of monumentally ostentatious Cayennes.

With this year’s Frankfurt auto show only days away, Mansory has previewed its latest offering, the Chopster – a Cayenne for extreme carbon-fibre fetishists.

Offset quad exhaust grouping something rather different. Exhaust plumbing features butterfly valves for additional acoustic resonance at liberal throttle openings...

Carbon collective

Based on Porsche's Cayenne Turbo S SUV, the curiously named Chopster is essentially a study in unbridled carbon-fibre craftsmanship.

New front and rear aprons, a sculptured bonnet  - with additional vents – and strikingly cut-out rear wheelarch mouldings are all finished in F1 favourite design material. These new carbon-fibre bits add 80mm of width to the Chopster’s Cayenne Turbo S base structure.

In theory carbon-fibre construction adds strength whilst simultaneously reducing weight, yet with Chopster this logic goes a bit awry.

Mansory does not specify kerb weight for the new Chopster, though we suspect it would be negligibly less than the Cayenne S at best – thanks to upgraded brakes, oversized wheels and dramatic interior embellishments negating much of the carbon-fibre structures weight-saving regime.

Technically the Chopster is standard Mansory aftermarket fare – huge wheels, trick suspension and impeccably tuned performance dynamics.

Rolling in those carbon-fibre wheelarches are 23-inch five-blade alloy wheels shod with Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tyres measuring 315/25 in profile.

Median ride height is lowered by 45mm (after tweaks to the Porsche air suspension) to ensure a more secure centre of gravity, which makes sense considering the performance on offer.

Carbon-fibre lined engine bay looks the business. Swiss flags guarantee impeccable craftsmanship - 522kW guarantees a 302km/h top speed...

Hefty power boost

Engine modifications are simple yet effective.

A larger turbocharger, feeding a motorsport developed header and gas expelling via a performance exhaust system, bump the 4.8l turbocharged V8’s power by 104kW and 150Nm.

Chopster peak outputs are alarming to say the least – 522kW and maximum rotational force around 900Nm.

Balancing the significant increase in engine performance are upgraded brakes, with the front discs now measuring an impressive 420mm (actuated by eight-piston callipers) and the rear axle equipped with 375mm discs clamped by four-piston callipers.

Interior embellishments continue the carbon-fibre overkill theme.

Four individual bucket racing seats guarantee a decidedly dynamic seating arrangement, and should ensure passengers get the full lateral g-force experience during spirited driving.

Customisation for the cabin is virtually infinite, with dual centre-console monitors, integrated DVD-player and wireless connected laptop portability on the options list.

A redesigned steering wheel (still airbag equipped), aluminium racing pedal set and enough surface trimmings in carbon-fibre to build two F1 cars ensure the Chopster’s cabin is a rather unique, er, experience.


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