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California Dreaming with 367kW

2009-06-18 08:09
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ferrari
Model Edo California
Engine 4.3l V8
Power 367kW
Torque 500Nm
Transmission 3.9 sec
Zero To Hundred 315km/h
Ferrari’s California does not sit well with traditionalists.

Billed as entry-level Maranello motoring it has too many firsts for Ferrari’s peculiarly traditional customer base – people who might be extrovert in all spheres of life, yet demand an untainted flow of heritage in their cars.

There is an issue with it being the first front-engined Ferrari with a V8 configuration, which drives a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

It has a folding metal roof too, as opposed to a cursory canvas top. All things considered then, it would appear the California is an awfully contrived bit of marketing triumphing over engineering integrity and vision.

If you are one of those Ferrari fans who espouses the notion California should have been a mid-engined, small capacity Dino reincarnation instead, don’t read any further.

Two-piece wheels and yellow brake calipers signal aftermarket status.

California dreaming?

Still here? Okay, obviously your sense of curiosity is keen, and rewarding such an enquiring nature is German tuner Edo Competition’s aftermarket take on the California.

Edo knows Ferrari. The Ahlen-based company was founded by former Ferrari dealer technician Edo Karabegovic, and they are one of Germany’s most reputable tuning concerns.

Applying its technical expertise to the California, Edo has realised a relatively mellow aftermarket accessorising package.

Beyond those garish, two-piece 21-inch alloy wheels, styling is left mercifully untouched, with the California’s neat proportions appearing a touch more focused thanks to a lowered ride height.

Klaus Wohlfarth’s Fichtenberg-based suspension technicians provide new springs which drop the Edo California’s stance by 35mm.

Customers also have option on a comprehensive KW adjustable damping kit featuring multiple compression and rebound settings.

California's sexy shoulder line, and exposed rear light cluster mounts flow effortlessly. Stacked exhausts either side of the rear diffuser standard in configuration, yet quite trick in execution.

Mellow power increase, bellowing exhaust note

Tampering with the 4.3l V8 under the California’s bonnet, Edo technicians have added some ECU reprogramming, high-flow catalytic converters and a rather elaborate, custom manufactured exhaust system.

The result is an increase in power of 29kW, hiking peak output from 338kW to 367kW.

Edo is at pains to point out a commensurate increase in rotational force too, allegedly to ease everyday driveability - how precious of them. Exactly how the 15Nm increase, up from 485- to 500Nm, is going to make California significantly more tractable in the everyday traffic trundle is beyond us...

Performance figures touch well inside the supercar cookie jar, with 0-100km/h from standstill up in 3.9 seconds, and a top speed of 315km/h.

This performance is accompanied with dramatic sound effects too. Edo's custom exhaust system, featuring remote actuated butterfly valves adjustable from the cabin, renders obligatory Ferrari V8 acoustics with some extra amplification.


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