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CLS gets severely etched

2009-03-23 08:27
One of Germany’s most bespoke Mercedes-Benz aftermarket specialists – MEC Design of Berlin – has smoothed over the CLS range.

Already one of the world’s most sculptural designs, the CLS profile remains relatively untouched, with MEC concentrating on detailing.

MEC’s CLS bodykit adds a new front bumper with daytime running lights, oddly embedded fog lights backed by mesh inserts and a new, diffuser framed rear bumper.

LED embedded side skirts ensure the front and rear styling elements are linked, whilst MEC’s 20-inch, gangster certified, high gloss three-piece alloy wheels brook no argument with regards to presence.

To ensure the rims are even more menacing in their profile, MEC has spaced them by 10mm on the front axle and 19mm at the rear.

An upgraded airmatic suspension override module lowers the CLS by between 40-70mm (depending on customer preference), to ensure even harmless, quarter-sized, speed bumps become insurmountable obstacles.

A boon of the suspension kit upgrade is the presence of coilover adjustability at all four wheel corners, allowing up to 28 settings, with both dampening and rebound adjustability only the turn of a knob away.

Performance upgrades are limited to a mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust system designed for optimal acoustic resonance.


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