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Bugatti style with AMG power

2010-08-05 06:59

Almost unbelievable to think this is in fact just an AMG SLK55 underneath.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer HMC
Model Hidalgo
Engine 5.5l V8
Power 265kW
Torque 510nM
Transmission Seven-speed auto
Swiss engineering is impeccable.

Peculiarly though, the country does not host a robust motor manufacturing industry.

What the Swiss do have, is a scattering of niche specialists who build some of the world’s most exotic and exquisitely crafted cars.

The latest low-volume manufacturer to show off its Swiss skill is the Helvetic Motor Company (HMC) based in Schweiz.

Staffed by a collection of former F1 technical personnel, it is quite surprising to find HMC’s debut Hidalgo offering being a very retro-styled design.

The Hidalgo looks like a miniature Bugatti Atlantic.

If you love your cars with a 1930s feel and contemporary German engineering features, HMC's Hidalgo is sure to appeal.

Hidden beneath the curvaceous bodywork is a Mercedes-Benz SLK55 chassis and drivetrain.

All-wheel independent suspension and Affalterbach’s naturally aspirated 265kW 5.5l V8 should ensure a blend of dynamic ability commensurate to the Hidalgo’s outlandish looks.

If those BMW V8-powered Morgans are simply on the wrong side of the German powertrain brand divide for your loyalties, this AMG-powered HMC Hidalgo is a choice alternative.

Exclusively is guaranteed too.

Production volumes are to be kept extremely low, with HMC producing no more than five cars per year. This is hardly surprising, as the $410 000 price will only be justifiable to a (small) collection of (very) discerning customers.

Which is better? HMC's Hidalgo or Morgan's Aero?


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